Get into an exercise routine without getting out of bed

Exercise requires the right gear, the right clothes, a gym membership, and a trip to get to the gym. It almost seems like it takes more effort to get started than it does when you’re actually exercising. What if you could skip all of that and just get to the important part?

Try these 13 light fat burning exercise that you don’t even have to roll out of bed to do.

#1 Bent leg side raise

Go onto your knees making sure to keep your back straight, then lift a leg to the side as high as you can and try to keep it at a 90 angle. Lower your leg back to the starting position, repeat 10 times, and then do the exact same movement and repetition with the other leg.

#2 Superman

Lay on your stomach and extend both arms in front of you, stretch your arms as far as you can manage while making sure your elbows are slightly straight. Lift your arms and legs off the ground and pause. Once you’re done, go back to the original position and repeat.

#3 Glute bridge

Lay down on your back and raise your bottom, stay in this position. If you want more of a challenge, raise one leg at a time while maintaining this position.

#4 Lateral side-lying leg raises

Lay on your side with your hips even, raise one leg up slowly as high as is comfortable for you, and then move it slowly back down after. Repeat these 10 times, then roll over and do the same for your other leg.

#5 Russian twist

Sit down with your knees bent, lean back very slightly, lift your feet, and then twist your torso to a side of your choice. Once your back in the initial position, twist to the other side.

#6 Plank

Put yourself into a push-up position but bend your elbows directly beneath your shoulders so that the weight of your body is on your elbows and lower arms (and toes). Your body should form a straight line from your head to your feet. Hold the position for as long as you can, being sure to keep your back straight.

#7 Plank leg lift

Put yourself into the same position as above and then raise your left leg for one second, place it down and repeat with the other leg. Continue this for several repetitions.

#8 Push-up hold

Get into the plank position and then place both hands underneath your shoulders keeping your elbows extended and back straight. Lower your chest to the floor and hold as long as you can before going into the initial position.

#9 Bicycle crunch

Lie flat on the ground with both hands behind your head, then you bring a knee up to your chest, keeping the opposite leg straight on the ground while turning your upper body to the opposite side, making sure that you bring your elbow towards your knee. Repeat with the opposite leg and elbow.

#10 Crisscross

Lay on your back and lift both legs up, keeping them straight, then bring one ankle over the other and proceed to switch them in a crisscross motion.

#11 Mountain climber

Go into a push-up position, and then bring one leg forward towards your chest. Switch to the other leg while pulling back.

#12 Full body crunch

Lay flat on the ground and lift your feet up, tuck your knees in towards your chest while crunching your upper body up, crunch your upper and lower body together and then let your upper body go back to the original position.

#13 reverse crunch

Lay flat on the ground, keeping your knees together and bending your legs to 90 degrees. Crunch your knees, lifting your hips off the ground. Pause for a moment and then lower back down when you are ready.

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Man senses someone watching him — and finds the cutest spies

For the 13 years Charlie Weiss lived in his home in Winterville, North Carolina, he never paid any attention to his neighbors beyond a casual “hello” every now and then.

A year ago when a new woman and her dog moved in next door, Weiss assumed he would continue to keep to himself.

Then, one day, Weiss was out on his porch, and he got the feeling that someone was watching him.

He scanned the yard, but everything seemed normal. Then he looked down, and spotted a furry spy.

His new neighbor’s German shepherd mix had found a small gap between the dirt and the fence, and decided to make good use of it.

While Weiss rarely ran into his new human neighbor, her dog became a frequent presence.

Soon, every time Weiss would step outside, he’d be met by a curious snout sticking out from under the fence.

Just as Weiss was getting used to the ever-present snooping, he was met with another surprise when his neighbor adopted a second dog. But the pit bull mix needed a little time to get used to having neighbors.

“My deck looks over the fence, and when he first noticed me he would run up to the fence and bark at me,” Weiss told The Dodo. “I figured he was probably just a little stressed from being in a new environment.”

“I would always say ‘hey’ to them and be friendly to them though, because I figured they’d settle down once they got used to me,” Weiss said. “As you can tell, they eventually did.”

As time went on, both dogs became very nosy neighbors, eager to see Weiss every time they heard his front door open.

“The German shepherd loves affection. She always lays by the fence, sticks her snout under it and whimpers until I pet her,” Weiss said. “The pit usually doesn’t want to be pet, but he’s pretty funny because he’ll lick the fence and look at me through it the whole time I’m there.”

Then one day Weiss stepped outside and instead of a familiar snout, he was greeted by the big brown eyes of a third dog — a smiling black and white puppy.

The puppy had expanded the hole made by his dog siblings with one goal in mind — to break into Weiss’ yard.

As small as the puppy was, he still couldn’t quite fit, but his struggle made for an excellent photo op.

“They haven’t made it into my yard yet, but the puppy really tried,” Weiss said. “It was pretty comical to watch. He was on a mission to get into my yard, but he just couldn’t squeeze through.”

Though it was startling at first, Weiss has since gotten used to having a close relationship with his three furry neighbors.

«I joke with a friend that one day I’m gonna show my neighbor those pictures and tell her, ‘Look, you had a good run, but they’ve made their decision. They’re mine now,'» Weiss said.

“A lot of times I don’t even realize they’re there,” Weiss added. “I just turn around and there’s a snout sticking out from under the fence.”

And he wouldn’t have it any other way.


Pit Bull tied to ‘No dogs’ sign with the saddest note

On a popular walking trail in Folly Beach, South Carolina, a young dog panted in the sun.

The dog wasn’t there for a hike with his owner. He had been abandoned, tied to a sign by a short leash. In bold yellow letters, the sign ironically stated, “No Dogs.”

Taped to the metal sign, a handwritten note pleaded for someone to take the dog home. “Hello! I’m Zanny,” the note read. “My owners could not keep me. I’m very friendly. I DON’T bite and I just need a home.”

When Tanya Niketas and her son, Phin, spotted the black and white pit bull mix on the way to Lighthouse Inlet on Folly Beach, their relaxing day took a turn.

Niketas knew the defenseless dog, seemingly abandoned in a hurry, needed someone to help him get to safety. So she immediately contacted local rescue organization Pet Helpers.

“He had no water,” Niketas wrote on Facebook, “only the roll of tape they used to put up the ‘He needs a new home’ sign.”

While waiting for the rescue workers to arrive, Niketas was amazed by the stranded dog’s good manners. “He’s such a beautiful, cool dog and is SOOOOOO sweet,” Niketas wrote in her post. “[He] was super gentle with Phin, sat for us like a good boy, and has the whitest teeth I’ve ever seen!”

Though the note introduced the dog as Zanny, rescue workers gave him the nickname Folly, after the place where he was found, and the name stuck. A veterinary exam at the rescue revealed that, other than a rash on his stomach, Folly was in relatively good shape.

“Folly is a muscular boy whose tails wags nonstop,” Carrie Browning-Perez, marketing manager for Pet Helpers, told The Dodo. “It’s obvious he didn’t miss many meals.”

It was clear that the dog had been well taken care of at one point in his life, but if Niketas hadn’t come along when she did, things might have turned out differently.

“It was extremely hot on the day he was abandoned,” Browning-Perez said. “Just a matter of another hour or so could have greatly changed the outcome.”

Rescue workers have been impressed by the young dog’s positive outlook and energetic personality. Even rounds of vaccinations, deworming, microchipping and neutering haven’t slowed the playful boy down.

“Folly is a big lovable goofball who is an amazing boy full of life and energy,” Browning-Perez said. “He loves every human he meets and enjoys going for walks, giving big slobbery kisses and cuddling with people.”

Once Folly has healed from his neutering, he will be ready for adoption. The shelter is already taking names of interested families, and are hoping to place him in his forever home in a week or two.

“He would love an active family who will take him on walks, to the park, for rides and, of course, a home where he can snuggle with his new family at night while watching TV or reading a good book,” Browning-Perez added.

After all Folly has been through, he deserves a place where he will be loved and cared for — and where dogs are always allowed.


Special homemade lemonade help banish headaches and anxiety

We all know by now the wonderful benefits of drinking homemade lemonade on a daily basis. But you can amp up the nutritional power of your lemonade even more by adding just one powerful ingredient.

Lavender is a lovely herb that smells wonderful and has the ability to calm the senses. Lavender oil is one of the gentlest essential oils, but is also one of the most powerful. According to Complete Health and Happiness:

Lavender oil has a chemically complex structure with over 150 active constituents, which explains its effectiveness at helping with a lot of health ailments. Lavender oil possesses amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, analgesic, detoxifier, hypotensive, and sedative properties.

We’ve also heard before that lavender is one of the best natural remedies for migraines and headaches. So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or you can’t stop your head from pounding, try mixing up this restorative drink.

You’ll need:

-1 cup raw honey
-12 cups filtered water
-1 drop of lavender essential oil
-6 lemons, peeled and juiced
-Lavender sprigs for garnish, if desired

Just mix all ingredients together in a pitcher and chill. If needed, add more water or more honey. Pour yourself a glass whenever you need a chill pill.


Woman finds fox sleeping in her cat’s bed, gets surprised by the way it acts

A ginger cat called George was recently outfoxed when he returned from a walk in the garden to find an uninvited guest had taken over his bed.

“When I came downstairs, and walked passed the kitchen into the bathroom, I did a double take as in the kitchen window I could see a pair of huge ears,” said George’s owner, 47-year-old Meloney Blayze from Petts Wood, south east London. “‘I thought, “hmm, those are not the cat’s ears”, and I turned the light on to look at what was in the cat’s bed – and it was a fox.”

Meloney had woken up at 4am to let George out of the kitchen window and into the garden, but the fox had sneaked in after she’d gone back to sleep and made itself comfortable in the unsuspecting cat’s bed. When he finally returned, George tried to scare the squatter away by hissing at it, but the fox refused to budge until Meloney picked up the bed and tipped the fox out of the window. “He was very tame, he did not want to leave,” she said. Given the cold spell sweeping the UK at the moment, we can’t really blame him!

A ginger cat called George was surprised to find an uninvited guest waiting for him recently

The fox had sneaked in and started “acting like another member of the family who had been there for years and was confused about what all the fuss was about”

“I looked at him and he looked at me. He was not frightened of me at all” recalls cat’s owner Meloney Blayze

George tried hissing at it, but the fox didn’t move until the cat’s owner Meloney shooed it out of the window

The internet was quick to comment

Other people were worried for the animal’s welfare

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Is maru at it again? Good, because he’s my favorite!

Maru, known for his ability to fit anywhere, especially tiny boxes, is at it again and this time he’s sitting in a glass mixing bowl. I don’t know how it does it. I know he has bones in there somewhere… LOL! This fluffy, lovable goof ball is sure to make anyone’s day a little better. Because seriously, how can you watch this and not smile? That face is just too cute! I love Maru!

Loved this and need more? Of course you do! Meet the sweetest Golden Retriever that is totally obsessed with her toys. So much so that she brings a different one to bed with her every single night. HOW CUTE IS THAT?! I know, I’m totally in love with her too!

Most dogs love their toys so much. Once you match them with one that they really, really love, they form a bond with it. A lot like a child would.


Newly hatched ducklings went missing – Then farmer sees family cat biting one of them

An unusual happening took place within Clara, Ireland in the farm belonging to Emma and Ronan Lally. The couple was expecting ducklings to hatch but when they checked, they were not able to see the babies yet the discarded egg shells were around. After looking around, they saw their cat Della with a duck in its mouth. They expected the worst and immediately took the duckling away from her. They then realized that she had not hurt the duck since she had gently carried it.

After sometime, 3 birds were seen snuggling under Della’s body. Della had placed a paw over them and was purring around them as a way of protecting them. Coincidentally, Della had also delivered three kittens. That means she had natural maternal instincts and all she was interesting in doing at that time was to show love and care to the little ducklings.

Since ducks grow faster than kittens, they soon became too active and big to be controlled by Della. Though they are big, there are times when they can be seen following Della who at the moment is still nursing her little kittens. Watching this unique and extraordinary adoption is likely to make you smile.

You can take a look at the amazing video below!

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Lion tiger and bear have been best friends for 15 years

When you hear ‘lion, tigers, and bears’ the first thing you probably think of is the famous quote from “Wizard of Oz.” You wouldn’t expect to find a lion, tiger, and bear actually hanging out together in real life. But it turns out, there is one place where you’ll find a lion, tiger, and bear: Noah’s Ark Sanctuary in Georgia.

Noah’s Ark Sanctuary is home to Baloo the bear, Shere Khan the tiger, and Leo the lion. These three predators have been best friends since they were tiny cubs.

In 2001, Rescuers found the three cubs trapped in the basement of an Atlanta home during a drug raid. Sadly, all three cubs were neglected and abused. They were all hungry and scared, and Leo and Shere Khan both had open wounds on their noses.

Baloo was in the worst condition of the three—he was trapped in an ingrown harness. The harness was so tight, his flesh had begun to grow around it.

Rescuers brought the three scared animals to Noah’s Ark Sanctuary, where they rushed Baloo into surgery.

While Baloo was gone, Leo and Shere Khan paced around restlessly, worrying about their friend. Thankfully, the surgery went well, and soon, Baloo was back with his two best friends!

At first, the workers at Noah’s Ark Sanctuary separated the three animals, thinking they would do best in their own enclosures. But the animals wouldn’t stop crying, and so the workers quickly put them back into the same enclosure. They’ve been together ever since!


As the three animals grew up, their bond stayed strong.
The animals wouldn’t have been able to survive in the wild, but the sanctuary gave them the next best thing: plenty of space to roam around, and lots of love and attention. Noah’s Ark Sanctuary also gave the three animals a clubhouse to sleep in. At night, the animals pile on top of each other, keeping each other warm and safe.

“They just know each other and they love each other,” said Jama Hedgecoth, the founder of Noah’s Ark. “They’re truly a family. They’ve never been separated.”

Unfortunately, in 2016, Leo died from liver cancer. Shere Khan and Baloo were both devastated by their loss. Workers from Noah’s Ark buried Leo by the trio’s clubhouse so he would always be close to his best friends.

Shere Khan and Baloo comforted each other after losing Leo, and they’ve remained close.
The two of them still spend their days cuddling and playing together, and they love nothing more than taking naps together in their clubhouse.

Shere Khan, Baloo, and Leo have gone through some difficult times, but they’ve always had each other’s backs. If you’d like to learn more about these three incredible animals, check out the video below!

Tiger, Lion & Bear Are Best Friends | Wild Things

A rare brotherhood you wouldn't find in the wild…

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Meet the cat who thinks he’s part Lamb

This is Steve, a delightful ginger kitty who has a very unusual following…a flock of lambs!

Steve, who lives in New Zealand, started off life as an indoor cat. During the cold winter months Steve’s human Amanda brought inside her flock of lambs to keep them warm and that’s when something very strange happened, Steve became very friendly with all the lambs. Amanda explains: “He’d just sort of get used to them and spend time with them inside and then the lambs move outside and we started noticing Steve wasn’t inside any more and we’re like ‘where’s Steve?”

They looked out of the window and noticed that Steve was happily hanging out with the lambs. He’s sort of became their leader and the lambs follow him where ever he goes.

Since then, Steve and his lambs have become inseparable and they do most things together except when it’s bottle feeding time and he patiently waits nearby until they’ve finished their meal.

Watch the video here:

Meet the Kiwi cat who thinks he is a lamb #NZHFocus

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Сats and kifeisty cat plays so gently with his bunny best friendttens

Feisty Cat Plays So Gently With His Bunny Best Friend
Smudge is a very playful kitty, he’s a bit crazy and he loves to roughhouse – but not when he’s with his best friend Missy.

Even though Missy is a rabbit, this odd couple have a fabulous friendship. They both like to play around and get quite feisty, but Smudge always knows not to take it too far and he is full of love for her. When their human went off to college Missy went with her but Smudge stayed behind at the family home, and whenever Missy comes home for the weekend the pair of them pick up where they left off. You can tell that they’ve missed each other and really are the best of friends.