Nervous man walks up on the stage, brings judges to their feet when he starts to sing

There are plenty of talent shows that are being held each year, and there are always a few contestants that absolutely stand out compared to the rest. The 31-year-old Steve Barry from Kerry, Ireland who recently participated in Ireland’s Got Talent 2018 is most definitely one of them.

When Steve walked up on the stage, nobody expected that he would have such a pure, clear and amazingly powerful voice. He seemed a bit nervous before he started singing, something that clearly disappeared the moment he started performing.

The man was absolutely in his element and he knew it was his time to shine.

Steve, who has experience with musical theatre, chose a fantastic song to showcase his musical abilities, ‘Somewhere (There’s a Place for Us)’. The song which originated from the Broadway musical West Side Story from 1957 seems to be a perfect match with Steve’s crisp voice.

He managed to convince the audience the moment the first notes started hitting, but his performance also builds up over time which makes for a spectacle that has rarely been seen in talent shows like these.

When Steve sings the first and powerful chorus, the four judges are seen swaying hand in hand and admiring the contestant’s beautiful voice.

Suffice it to say, Steven’s rendition of ‘Somewhere’ definitely made a lasting impression. Even though the man was noticeably nervous at the beginning, he gathered enough courage at the end of the song to go visit the judges personally and give them an up and close performance, something they definitely seemed to enjoy.

Steve’s musical talent didn’t only steal the hearts of the judges, but the entire audience was in awe of his great voice as well. As you might expect, the man was met by an absolutely deafening applause and a standing ovation from everyone in the room – including the judges who were clearly excited.

“I wanted more and more. It was fantastic. I didn’t want it to end. What a voice. I can’t believe I overlooked you the first time. That was phenomenal,” judge Denise said.

It turns out that the man actually auditioned for a role in a West End musical, and Denise was one of the judges. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the cut then, but he was glad to be able to amaze her now instead. The man is no stranger to Louis Welsh as well, as he previously appeared on The X Factor.

Naturally, all of the judges praised Steve and he went home with four convincing yesses.

You could definitely say that Steve is a musical star in the making, and he is adored by everyone not only because of his talent but because of fantastic stage presence and his down-to-earth personality as well.

He’s clearly passionate about singing and we can’t wait to see and hear what this man has got in store later on in the competition.

Steve’s audition on Ireland’s Got Talent hasn’t gone unnoticed on the internet as well, as his performance is getting hundreds of thousands of views online.

“Wow… this guy is awesome. He looks about 17 or so but he is just so relaxed the sound just flows from him so effortlessly. Beautiful,” Kathleen Martin wrote.

One of the comments even revealed that Steve isn’t a stranger to giving performances at public places, such as London’s train station.

“Magnificent! Saw you in a London train station and stopped to listen… Absolutely fab… Best of luck at IGT… We’ll be voting for you… Hope you win…” posted Maria Bryne.

Check out Steve’s amazing audition below!