Meet iriss and abyss- two «eye-catching» sisters from Russia

Humans are quick to judge based on appearances. But differences are what make us unique! Take, for instance, these eye-catching twin kitties from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Iriss and Abyss are two gorgeously eye-catching cats who live with their owner Pavel Kasianov in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Thirty-one-year-old Kasianov discovered an advertisement for the kitties while he was cruising the computer online.

“I was blown away by their appearance and the fact that they’re twin sisters,” he said in an interview with Bancroft Animals.

The moment Kasianov laid his eyes on the twins’ beautiful set of peepers, he knew he had to give them a home.

Iriss and Abyss have a rare genetic condition called heterochromia which affects the levels of melanin in both of their eyes. Because melanin controls coloring in human and animals, the different levels in each cat’s eyeballs result in a stunningly “eye-catching” effect.

“It’s not a defect, it’s just a genetic lottery,” Kasianov said. “Because their parents are domestic cats. Their father is a black and white cat, and the mother is a white cat.”

Heterochromia can be associated with conditions like blindness and deafness, but fluffy twins Iriss and Abyss are 100% fine.

“They hear and see perfectly well,” their owner explained. He also jokes that they have no trouble hearing a can of food being opened from across the house.

Although Iriss and Abyss give the impression of importance and regality, “My cats are not spoilt,” Kasianov told the Daily Mail UK. He does admit that you do have to curry their favor before they warm up to you, however.

On a typical day, the twins spend their time adventuring around their home and making sure everything is to their liking.

“They wake up as I wake up, have breakfast and then investigate the house.”

“They investigate birds behind the window, each other and stuff like phone chargers, chewing gum, or any other small things left around the house.

Although the twins may look alike, Kasianov assures us they have very different personalities. In an interview with Barcroft Animals, he says Iriss is very easygoing, while Abyss is a much more stubborn and “will communicate with you only when she wants.”

Although these cats may not look like the others, it’s their differences that make them special.

Just ask their Instagram followers— 176,000 people can’t be wrong!

Hear their story below!