15 ways to upcycle dressers

Waste not, want not. If you never waste anything, then you’ll never want for anything. Well, in the age of DIY there is no excuse for wasting a single thing. You can repurpose, upcycle, and recreate just about everything in your home into something brand new.

So following that old motto is easier than ever. Furniture is one of the easier things to upcycle. We’ve all found ways to use our old dressers, but many of those projects involved taking out the drawers.

But what about those leftover drawers?
Well, there are lots of ways that you can reuse your old drawers too and turn them into amazing focal pieces, art, and functional pieces that will add organization to your home.

Here are 15 ways to reuse old drawers:

1) Standing Bookcase

Stand your drawer up and place it against the wall as a standing bookcase.

2) Mudroom Organizer

Mount two drawers on your wall and put hooks inside one of them to hang your keys. Use the other one to store your shoes and boots.

3) Mirror

Need to a mirror so you can check yourself out? Glue a mirror to the inside of your drawer and hand your drawer at face height so you can check yourself out.

4) Cork Board

Glue a cork board matt to the back of your drawer and hang your draw to create a hanging cork board.

5) Pet Bed

Just put some blankets or a pillow in your drawer to turn it into a pet bed.

6) Tall Bookcase

Stack them from end to end to make a tall bookcase.

7) Pop Out Hanging Shelves

Mount them to your walls in a vertical pull out position so that you can plop things right into them for storage.

8) Wash Room Storage

Hang a drawer on your wall above your washing machine so you have a place to store your detergent, bleach, and stain remover.

9) Jewelry Organizer

Put some pretty contact paper on the inside of your drawer and toss in a few hooks at the top of your drawer and a few bowls on the bottom. This creates a super inexpensive but chic looking jewelry organizer.

10) Doll House

Paint some scenery onto your drawer, like doors and windows and trees. Place a divider on the inside of the drawer so that the “house” has two levels. You can glue two drawers back to back to create one big doll house. Get the details here.

11) Cat Perch

Bolt some drawers to some posts in different directions and use it as a custom designed cat perch to fit your space.

12) Rolling Drawers

Pop some caster onto the bottom of your drawer to create under the bed storage with these rolling drawers.

13) Leftover Station

Hang some dowels on the inside of your drawers and use them to hang your wax paper, plastic wrap, tin foil, paper towels, napkins, zip lock bags, and rubber bands.

14) Planters

Place a drawer on top of an old table and turn it into a cool porch planter.

15) Clothes Hangers

Hang the face of your drawer on your walls or the back of a door and use the drawer’s knobs to hang your clothes on.