Can you spot all the animals and human faces hidden within this picture? This on

We love these tricky brainteasers – they are the perfect exercise for your brain in the middle of the day! While you are having fun trying to find all the faces and animals in the complex picture below, you will be doing your brain the favor of exercising it in a novel way. Doing puzzles of this kind actually keeps our brains flexible and young! Let us know if you found all the hidden faces and animals, or if you came close.

1. How many animals and faces do you see?

Have you spotted them all? There may be even MORE than this! How many did you find?

The answer is provided below!

2. Can You Find The Hidden Dog Amongst This Herd Of Cows?

See if you can spot the camouflaged dog below. Good luck!

The answer is provided below!

3. Find the panda among these dogs.

The answer is provided below!


4. Find Queen Elizabeth II among these cute puppies!

5. The Answer!

6. The answer!

7. The answer!

8. The answer!

How many did you find?
We hope you loved this test! If so, please share it with your friends and loved ones and see if they can find them all!


This brain teaser seems easy, but in reality, it points out on our brain’s imperfections

Here is a new brain teaser that will check your brain’s functioning. Most people make a mistake here and give the wrong answer simply by not paying close enough attention!

Look carefully at this picture. Could you quickly do the math and give the answer? Did it take you a lot of time to calculate the answer? Did you find the right answer? As usual, we’ll reveal the answer.

Many people think the answer is 12 or 1, but they’re wrong!
Here is the right answer:

We’ll explain why. Normally, people add up all the 1s by intuitively thinking that it must be done after each 1 digit. But in reality, at the end of the first and second lines, there is no + symbol, which means that the number 11 is written on two lines. So that’s why the correct answer is 30!

Was it easy? Did you find the right answer? How long did it take to find the solution?