After the 500th time watching Disney movies with my daughters, i decided to ruin their favorite Disney princesses

Having two daughters, you’re bound to watch a LOT of Disney movies.

After about the 500th time watching the Little Mermaid I decided I would redraw a series of them in my Inktober illness dark style. Kind of passive aggressive but whatever. I love my girls, but I also love ruining their favorite movies with my creepy versions.

#1 Mulan

#2 Snow White

#3 Belle

#4 Ariel

#5 Rapunzel

#6 Sleeping Beauty


Each winnie the pooh character was written to represent a mental illness, which one did you relate to

My dad used to read me The Stories of Christopher Robin when I was a kid, my family happens to own a first edition copy of the book that gets passed down to successive generations. It is one of my fondest childhood memories, but I never clued in to what the meaning behind the characters throughout the stories were.

It appears that the characters all represent a different mental illness. Eyeore is obvious, but now that I really think about it, it all makes perfect sense. Let’s take a look at what is potentially bothering the rest of the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood.

1. Winnie the Pooh
It is pretty clear that Pooh Bear struggles with ADHD, among others, but severe ADHD appears to be the main concern. His scattered thoughts, disorganized lifestyle, randomness and constant forgetfulness all scream ADHD to me.

2. Eyeore
No matter how many Winnie the Pooh stories I read my kids, or the number of shows I watch with them, I can count the number of time I have seen Eyeore happy on one hand. He is always sad or depressed, and he is likely the saddest character in the history of children’s books. It is clear he suffers from severe depression.

3. Roo
The son of Kanga, Roo seems to display symptoms of being on the autism spectrum. Roo seems to operate on two opposite ends; sometimes he doesn’t pay attention to anything that is going on around him, and he ends up in somewhat dangerous situations. Other times he decides to sit quietly in his mom’s pouch, completely ignoring the world around him. This says potential autism to me.

4. Piglet
If there was ever a textbook case for anxiety, Piglet would have his picture below the definition. He is constantly worried about what might happen, and sudden surprises like noises and movements cause him to run and hide. Piglet enjoys things to be calm and simple.

5. Kanga
A reasonable onlooker might be able to tell that Kanga suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder. Kanga worries for her son, and about how she is going to survive as a single parent in the Hundred Acre Wood. And if Roo truly does have autism, it could cause her anxiety to intensify. This could be one of the reasons she likes to always have an eye on Roo, or have him tucked in her pouch.

6. Rabbit
If there was ever a case for a cartoon character to have OCD, Rabbit is the poster child. You can tell by the way that he has to have everything in his life constantly organized, and that any disruption of that organization causes him a lot of distress, that he likely suffers from OCD. He gets very agitated when his world isn’t in perfect order around him.

7. Tigger
Tigger is the poster-child of hyper-activity. The guy can’t sit still for a moment, and he likes to make wildly impulsive decisions. Tigger also always assumes that everyone around him wants to be part of whatever he is doing.

8. Christopher Robin
As the only human to hang out in the Hundred Acre Wood, and all of the residents of the wood are his stuffed animals, it is easy to see that the world is figment of his imagination. Christopher Robin’s imagination is beyond vivid, leading to the possibility that he suffers from schizophrenia. This doesn’t mean that he hears and sees things that aren’t there, but that his mind can split from reality. Hence the completely fabricated, and detailed world of the Hundred Acre Wood.


20+ of the funniest disney jokes ever

We’ve all seen at least a couple of Disney movies throughout our lifetime, and we have to admit that no matter what age you are, they still manage to entertain you. But what happens when the Internet gets his hands on these innocent movies? From Elsa’s frozen bank account to every single Disney villain calling everyone a fool, the Internet shows the hilarious side of your favorite films from the House of Mouse.

Take a look at these memes yourself, and we promise, you won’t be able to look at these Disney movies in the same way ever again.



New christian film topples oprah’s ‘Wrinkle in time’ at box office

The faith-based film “I Can Only Imagine” surprised industry watchers by topping Disney’s “Wrinkle in Time” to take the third spot at the box office.

“The movie tells the story of Bart Millard, the lead singer of Christian rock band MercyMe, and what led him to write the bestselling Christian single of all time: ‘I Can Only Imagine,’” CBN News reported.

The film, starring Dennis Quaid and Trace Adkins among a large cast, took in nearly double than expected in ticket proceeds during its opening weekend, with a $17.1 million tally.

The only two movies doing better were Disney/Marvel’s “Black Panther,” which remained in the top stop for the fifth straight week, garnering $27 million, and Warner Brother’s “Tomb Raider,” which in its opening took in $23.5 million, according to Box Office Mojo.

“Imagine” played in about 1,600 theaters, earning an impressive $10,600 per theater, while “Tomb Raider” played on about 3,800 screens earning $6,100 on each.

Meanwhile, Disney’s “Wrinkle In Time” dropped 50 percent at the box office during its second week out, taking in $16.2 million in 3,900 theaters, or about $4,000 per screen.

“Imagine” also bested the 20th Century Fox film “Love, Simon” about a teenage boy revealing to friends and family he is a homosexual. The movie earned $11.8 million for a fifth place spot in its opening weekend, with $4,900 per theater.

“Imagine” had a modest $7 million production budget compared to $103 million for “Wrinkle.”

The biopic earned an “A+” CinemaScore from its opening day audience, while movie goers gave Wrinkle a “B.”

“Wrinkle in Time” is based on Christian author Madeline L’Engle’s 1962 book of the same name, but the screenwriter of the Disney film took out all references to God, Jesus and the Bible for the movie adaptation. Jennifer Lee (who also wrote “Frozen”) stated in an interview with Uproxx her desire to celebrate “inclusiveness.”

On the other hand, Millard told CBN News during Imagine’s premier in Nashville that the filmmakers did an outstanding job capturing his story of pain, redemption and faith.

“The first time I saw it, it was really emotional,” he said. “I guess they did a good job because they stirred some emotions that I spent most of my life trying to bury.”

“Imagine” looks at Millard’s childhood, marked by his parents divorcing and the boy experiencing years of abuse at the hand of his alcoholic father. It goes on to show God’s hand in restoring father to son as they both experience a journey of faith.

Quaid plays Millard’s father’s in the film.

“When I got the script, I had never heard the song. They gave me a script and a CD and I put it to the side. I mean I knew it was huge hit, but I didn’t know it. What hole was I in?” the veteran actor told CBN.

“I read the script and it hit me so profoundly in the heart, in a place where I just don’t even have words, and that’s what the song does. And it grows on you too,” he added.

The MercyMe song “I Can Only Imagine” (2002) has had over 2 million downloads and reached double platinum status.

Christian/pop singer Amy Grant was originally on tap to sing the tune, but she gave it back to Millard.

“I had actually recorded the song twice. But I was in a real transition in my own life. And nobody sings that song like Bart. Everything worked out the way it was meant to be,” she said.

Other Christian movies rolling out during the Easter season include include Affirm Film’s “Paul, Apostle of Christ” starring Jim Caviezel opening Mar. 23, and PureFlix’s “God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness” hitting theaters on Good Friday, Mar. 30.

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if “Game of Thrones” was made by Disney

#1 Arya Stark And The Hound

#2 White Walker

#3 Jon Snow

#4 Cersei Lannister

#5 «My Little Birds Have Told Me…» Lord Varys

#6 Tyrion Lannister

#7 Daenerys

#8 Jaime Lannister And Brienne Of Tarth

#9 Bran And Hodor

#10 Oberyn & The Mountain

#11 «The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors…» Melisandre


10+ animals who look like they came right out of your favorite animated movies

You may have heard of cosplayers trying so hard to copy the look of their characters. However, that is not the case for these animals. They are natural cosplayers who look like they starred in the movies. Scroll down for some cute copycats.

#1 Puss in Boots (Shrek)

#2 Bambi (Bambi)

#3 Mufasa and Simba (The Lion King)

#4 Master Shifu (Kung Fu Panda)

#5 Tod and Copper (The Fox and the Hound)

#6 Pua (Moana)

#7 Kenai and Koda (Brother Bear)

#8 Sylvester (The Looney Tunes Show)

#9 Po (Kung Fu Panda)

#10 Marlin and Dory (Finding Nemo)

#11 HeiHei (Moana)

#12 Abu and Iago (Aladdin)

#13 Timon and Simba (The Lion King)

#14 Donkey (Shrek)


What does your favorite cartoon say about you?

They just don’t make ’em like they used to! These classic cartoons are truly unforgettable. Do you remember watching them on Saturday morning? Which one is your favorite? Take this fun personality test now!

1. Which of these classics was your favorite? Scroll down to find it and read your result!

2. If You Choose Tom & Jerry:

You have an undying childlike faith in the good of people! Despite Tom often trying to eat Jerry, they always found a way to coexist anyways! You are a source of peace and light in the world.

3. If You Choose The Flintstones:

You would do absolutely anything for your family. You are the solid bedrock of their lives and they know they can always count on you! Love surrounds you!

4. If You Choose Bugs Bunny:

You are quite the clever one! People sometimes don’t even catch your jokes – they go right over their head. But don’t worry, your efforts are not in vain. The world needs your wit, humor, and sharpness to keep everybody on their toes!

5. If You Choose Rocky & Bullwinkle:

You have the ability to brighten anyone’s day, no matter how grumpy they are feeling! Just by being your beautiful, wonderful self, you make people smile. Don’t ever change!

6. If You Choose The Jetsons:

You have a great imagination! However, this is not a trait only useful for children. It is truly a tragedy that most adults LOSE their imagination! You, on the other hand, still see the magical wonder of life, and we all need YOU to remind us of it!

7. If You Choose Scooby Doo:

You are incredibly loyal to your friends. No matter what happens, you never turn your back on them! People know this about you and respect you greatly for it.

8. If You Choose Yogi Bear:

You have a warm and kind personality! People feel comfortable being themselves around you. Once they get to really know you, they find out that your sweetness is genuine and that you care deeply for them!

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The ‘black panther’ easter eggs will make you want to watch the movie again and again!

When we watch a great movie, it’s hard to know all of its hidden secrets. That’s because we are caught up in the story for the first time, and everything that it takes to create it merely is gone by the wayside. The fact is, at the moment, we don’t care. However, when the movie ends, we find ourselves replaying some of the most epic scenes in our head while wondering how they were made. Sometimes only time will tell the subtleties behind the making of the story, and then, just like any well-loved movie, you will find yourself not being able to watch it without notices these details. Also, only revealing these hidden gems will make you want to watch this movie again so that you can find them for yourself.

Of course, this movie hasn’t had too much time in our lives for us to catch everything as it was only released last February (2018). Regardless, fans are already drawn into the powerful story about T’Challa, who returns to the African nation of Wakanda after the death of his father. Then a mighty enemy reappears in his life, and he’s thrown into a conflict that puts him the fate of the entire world at risk! Now, the new, young king must gather his allies to release the power of Black Panther so that he can defeat his foes and keep his people safe from harm. With that said, let’s hunt for the details of this movie that you may have missed:

1. On location – UNDERGROUND!

It’s easy to assume that the background of this scene was probably made in Hollywood like many movies are but, in this case, it was filmed in an underground railroad! It was perfect.

2. They took a page from ‘The Lion King.’

Sometimes you know when they’ve got a good thing when you start to feel nostalgic as you watch it. Perhaps that feeling is coming from the fact that several of these scenes happen to look just like one of our favorite Disney movies. These scenes are reminiscent of our childhoods.

3. A blast from the past.

Here’s another scene that takes us back to another movie that took us forward into the future. Huh? You’d get if you ever saw ‘Back To The Future Part II’ back in the late 80s. We thought that these self-lacing shoes were the coolest! And it still looks cool in ‘Black Panther.’


Does this sound familiar? Well, that’s because it was about this insanely popular Vine video (and meme).

5. “Another broken white boy for us to fix.”

When Shuri calls Everett this, she’s referring to Bucky Barnes. This happened during a post-credit sequence in ‘Civil War.’ This movie likes to take a bite out of all the best parts!

6. “White Wolf”

This took place in the second post-credit sequence of ‘Black Panther.’ All the children call Bucky Barnes this about T’Challa’s adopted brother in that takes place in the comics.

7 Family resemblance

This movie went a step further by casting actor John Kani’s (T’Chaka) real son as Atandwa Kani. This makes it even more endearing to us! Of course, NOW we see the resemblance! We love it when these details are revealed.

8. Stan Lee

So, we are used to seeing him pop into these movies in some fashion but the credits of this movie; they call him “Thirsty Gambler.” Hilarious!

9. The ‘James Bond’ influence

Ryan Coogler was slightly influenced by this movie in the casino, for example.

10. T’Challa sacrificing himself

We are used to seeing someone throw themselves on a grenade in war scenes, but it also reminds of a similar sequence in ‘Captain America: The First Avenger.’ It was even done as the same sort of selfless act.

11. “Mount Bashenga”

This name was named after the first Black Panther (thousands of years ago). How epic is that? We love a good, historical fact!

12. Symbolism

If you noticed, T’Challa’s fight with M’Baku happened at dawn which is representative of “a new beginning,” and his fight with Killmonger happened at sunset which represents “his downfall.” However, if you didn’t quite catch this, don’t worry, it’s tricky!

13. Doctor Strange

Did you notice that Killmonger’s allies are in London, New York, and Hong Kong which also happens to be the same cities where you can find Doctor Strange’s sanctums? Could they be an alias?

14. The Leia buns

Everyone recognizes this hairstyle, no matter what century or decade it pops up. In this case, Suri sports this style as well. We all want to wear our hair like this princess!

15. Check the flag!

They line up (TChalla, Okoye, and Nakia) and when they do, you’ll notice that they are wearing red, black and green which are the colors of the Pan-African flag. It’s all in the details. . .

16. Donald Glover is in the credits

That’s because he gave Ryan Coogler some notes on the script. They must have been good enough to get a credit roll at the end!

17. Rachel Morrison is a first!

She is the first female director of photography to get an Oscar nomination for her work in (Mudbound). So, she was a perfect choice for ‘Black Panther.’

18. Rapper Wale makes a cameo

We all love a good cameo and seeing him pop up was a great surprise. You can see him towards the beginning of the film when T’Challa is walking through the streets of Wakanda.

19. Look closely!

In the background of this scene when Ulysses (Andy Serkis) is being interrogated, there appears to be what looks like Captain America with a beard. I know it’s a stretch, but it’s there!

20. The Cradle

When Killmonger held his father in the same cradle-like way that T’Challa held T’Chaka in ‘Civil War.’ So, the same grief applies.