Blind man left in ‘Tears’ after nobody gave up their seat for him and his guide dog on the train

It’s crazy how people can do such marvelous and stupid things at the same time. We are preparing for a trip to Mars yet we can’t show any decency for those who have been mistreated by fate. A 37-year-old blind man felt crushed when London commuters didn’t give up their seats in a cramped train for him and his guide dog.

“People can be so selfish, they pretend they can’t see or hear when I ask if there’s a seat available,” Amit Patel tweeted. “It’s so humiliating when I struggle to find something to hold onto & keep [my guide dog] safe at the same time, this is when you’ll see a tear running down my face. Life is difficult enough.”

Patel was an A&E doctor before he lost his sight 5 years ago after developing keratoconus. Since then, he got himself Kika who is one of only 5% of guide dogs who are trained to take their owners on escalators.

“Losing my sight was very lonely,” the man added. “If I’m traveling by public transport, I’m sometimes like a scared little boy.” This time, Patel claims he was forced to stand with his back against the doors while Kika kept slipping on the wet floor of the train.

Writing from Kika’s Twitter account, he said, “We walked to the end of the platform in the pouring rain so that we can board the designated disabled section on the @Se_Railway train and even with dad giving me the command ‘find a seat’ not one passenger gave up their seat.”

After people rushed to support Amit at least with words, he continued, “Thank you all for your kind messages, unfortunately, being ignored when asking for a seat is a daily occurrence for us.”

“One small act of kindness could have turned the situation around completely.”

Recently, a 37-year-old blind and his guide dog felt heartbroken on a train in London and said it could have easily been avoided

Writing from his guide dog Kika’s Twitter account, he added more information about the whole thing

Patel was an A&E doctor before he lost his sight 5 years ago after developing keratoconus

“Losing my sight was very lonely. If I’m traveling by public transport, I’m sometimes like a scared little boy”

Kika is one of only 5% of guide dogs who are trained to take their owners on escalators

But the duo encounter ‘inconsiderate’ people there as well

Sometimes Amit puts a camera on his dog to capture what they go through when getting around London

“They have loads of space to get past, but they seem to think it is fun to barge into a blind person”

“One lady even said I should apologise to the people behind her for holding them up”

People were quick to offer their words of support

But there were some who didn’t


Elderly man held his beloved kitten after losing everything to fire, now has a safe and warm place

An 83-year-old man in Turkey named Ali Meşe lost everything he owned to a terrible fire. Fortunately, the poor man was able to save his beloved kitten as he was seen hugging him for comfort as both of them helplessly watched their home burn down.

Ali Mese accidentally burned down their single-story wooden house when he tried to light a heating stove. Something went wrong with the stove that led to an explosion in the family room.

Firefighters were able to save Mese along with his wife, his son, and their beloved kitty.

Despite being homeless because of the house fire, the family is happy that everyone is safe including the little feline.

Mese finds comfort by hugging his frightened cat. Both of them were seen comforting each other during this difficult time. It was such a beautiful sight despite the horror of watching your house getting burned down to ashes.

“Love is everything when his house burned to the ground he made sure to save his biggest treasure”

When his house burned to the ground he made sure to save his biggest treasure! <3

When his house burned to the ground he made sure to save his biggest treasure! <3

Posted by Animals Planet on Freitag, 19. Januar 2018

After being taken to the hospital for minor injuries because of the fire, Mese was reunited with his cat and gave him hugs and kisses. The tiny feline was unharmed during the unfortunate event, and now he lets his human know that everything is going to be okay.

The Turkish Red Crescent came to the hospital and brought the kitty a new carrier and some supplies to help them through their recovery

The photo of Mese hugging his cat has gone viral as people continue to show support and love for his family.

Mese said that the whole family will work together rebuilding their house. They are lucky to be alive and the cat will help them get through the toughest time.


Man drops down to the floor next to his puppy. Get ready to see their amazing interaction

When a tiny puppy wants to play with a rather large human, it helps if that human will get down on the puppy’s level.

This man did exactly that with his adorable, black and white Shih-tzu furball so the pup could have access to the friendliest part of the man: his face.

With a wagging tail, wiggling body, and licking tongue, the puppy worms his way into his human’s arms and heart. Watching him squirm and wriggle as he dances around his owner’s face brings a smile not only to the man on the floor, but is sure to evoke one from you as well.

You’ll laugh and grin from ear to ear as you watch this exchange between a man and his best friend. Watch the video below and Don’t forget to share it with your pals, too!


Man gives heart wrenching goodbye to pit bull but vows to return, sweetest reunion ever

Lewis Jimenez was finally reunited with his beloved dog, Titus after being forced to give him up 4 months ago.

Unfortunately, the apartment Lewis lived in told him he could not keep the Pit Bull in the apartment. If he didn’t get rid of Titus he would be evicted. He asked several friends and family to look after the dog but no one was able to. And he didn’t have another place to stay.

Although he told the shelter staff he was coming back for Titus, the staff there was skeptical. They hear that from owners all the time and they never return.

Austin Animal Center shared the happy day that Lewis returned on Facebook.

The shelter writes:

“These pictures right here make our hearts so happy.

“Titus comforts me,” said Jimenez. “He makes me happy when I’m sad.” Lewis Jimenez
“Titus has been with us for 4 months. His family was forced to surrender him due to problems with their apartment complex, but they’ve been moving mountains to bring him home ever since.”

“Titus has been stressed out at the shelter and generally having a tough time. His family would come visit him, but we can’t imagine the heartbreak for them or him every time they had to leave without him. They had raised him from puppyhood; they were the only family he’s ever known.”

“Yesterday was the day we’ve all been waiting for. With new housing in place, Titus’ dad came to take him home. And as you can see from the photos, happiness is an understatement for this moment.”

What a great way to end this story. It’s awesome to see these two together and so happy.


Man rescued a small newborn animal near a sidewalk, and nursed it back to health

This newborn was on the brink of death until..

In Tampa, Florida, a man named Jeff Longo had been walking on a sidewalk when he saw something. He saw a small, newborn animal lying on the sidewalk, on the brink of death.

The poor animal’s chances of survival seemed slim and it was about the size of Longo’s pinky finger. Longo took pity on the newborn and decided to take it back home to nurse it back to health.

To Longo, the strange newborn looked like a squirrel but he was unsure. To find out exactly what it was, Longo decided to share a photo of the animal on Reddit. Unfortunately instead of helping him, netizens simply told Longo off, telling him that the newborn animal will die. But Longo was not discouraged by the comments at all and was even more determined to save the newborn animal.

Longo later found out that Biscuits was a flying squirrel and named her “Biscuits”. To nurse her back to health, Longo mixed some puppy formula with heavy cream to feed Biscuits. He kept Biscuits in his shirt pocket and bottle fed her the formula for three months.

Under Longo’s care, Biscuits survived the odds and grew up healthily. Once Biscuits was able to move on her own, she escaped from Longo’s shirt pocket and roamed around the house freely. Longo stated that he even found her in the bathtub once!

Longo was not the only one who took a liking to Biscuits, even the family dogs do too! Biscuits spends her time playing with the family dogs and running around the house, chirping excitedly.

As Biscuits is too used to being around humans, it is clear that she would not survive in the wild. Despite that, Biscuits loves her new home and family. From Longo’s selfie with Biscuits, he loves her as much as she does!

Thanks to Longo, Biscuits is healthy and living comfortably with her family.


Without any training, teen buys 3d printer builds arm for veteran dad who lost it in war

When his father came back from Iraq wounded, his life was never the same again. And over the years, the now-teenage boy always wanted to help his father heal from the tragic injury, which resulted in an amputation. His father was injured in 2003 from an RPG attack. St. Louise high school student Robbie Frei never gave up on his dream of giving back to his father who had done so much for him throughout his life – and even put his life on the line to serve America in the Iraq war.

So Robbie got to work designing a new arm for his father. Because he learned hard-skills in school, he was able to put that knowledge to the test and develop an arm for his wounded father and create it with a 3D printer.

Frei loves robotics and plans to go to college and study the subject more. And he built the prosthetic robot arm for his dad in just under three months – an accomplishment that deserves to be praised.

This is not the first time Frei has helped his dad with his robotics skills. His first project was to build him an arm adapter so he could play Nintendo Switch with his father.

“When my dad was injured in the Marines, he wasn’t able to play video games with us for about ten years, and after I created that 3D printed adapter he was able to play with us full speed,” Frei said.

Then Frei got creative. He created a customer scanned prosthetic. He scanned his father’s remaining hand and then mirrored it using computer software so it could go on his body. And now Robbie’s dad can play ball with the robot arm.

While this accomplishment is spectacular, Robbie Frei is known for his skills in the field. And his teachers regularly recognize him as a rising star in robotics.

“He knows how to get projects done and comes up with amazing things,” said robotics advisor Derek Ward. “He’s been on the robotics team for six years now. So, just to watch him go from a seventh-grader to a 12th-grader, (I’m) not surprised he can pull something like this off.”

Frei has been recognized as a National Merit finalist. And he loves math. He credits his genius abilities to his passion for taking on a challenge and searching for the solution despite any obstacles.

“As soon as I start to test different alternatives I start to narrow in on something,” Frei said. “It’s sort of more discovery than inventing, in a way.”

Readers on Fox News are impressed with this young man’s work.

“Thanks, Kid! You made us, as well as your Dad, proud!”

“Good job, son. You may take a different path in life, but no less heroic.”

“This is so awesome!! As a father myself and former Marine, this made me smile pretty big. I can only imagine how that man felt when his son handed him a new arm.”

What is your reaction to this boy’s talent?


Young army veteran is pulled over by local cop. Officer walks up and points to item on dash

When our brave men and women in uniform return home after months overseas, they have emotional and mental baggage that many of us couldn’t even imagine. Sadly, a large number of veterans come back with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). While some servicemen and women seek out help for their troubles, many don’t and their symptoms go unchecked.

Thankfully, William Jazwinski knew that he couldn’t go through life without dealing with his problems. The former Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Operator for the United States Army had a brain full of painful memories that came back with him after a 15-month tour in Iraq.

Despite the pain of his service haunted him, William never considered removing the flag from his truck dashboard. Fighting for his country was an honor, but he never thought being proud of his service would make him a target for law enforcement.

From accounts of his tour, William was a gallant soldier who was willing to do anything for his fellow servicemen. The long, hot shifts in the Iraqi desert and the demanding training schedules brought his battalion together in ways they never imagined. For William and his team, there was nothing that could deter them from their mission.

Even though his dedication to his duties was obvious, the time spent overseas was rough. He saw things that no one should ever have to encounter and the months spent away from his loved ones was a challenge. Through all of the sadness and homesickness, William remained proud of his service!

So when William’s tour was finished, he returned home and drove his truck with a properly folded United States flag resting on his dashboard. Doing so was the perfect way to keep the lessons learned overseas at the forefront of his mind!

William’s perspective on the flag in his truck changed when he was stopped by a local police officer. Just as the officer’s red and blue lights went on, William looked down and saw that he wasn’t speeding. What could this be about?

The soldier pulled over and had his license and registration ready — but that’s not what the officer was looking for.

In an emotional Facebook post, William explained the officer’s reason behind the traffic stop:

«Me: Good morning, Officer. Was I speeding?

Officer: Good morning, no not speeding. Just wanted to stop ya and say thank you for your service.

Me: Oooh the bumper sticker, nice. Your welcome, Sir. My pleasure.

Officer: Where did you serve?

Me: I went to Iraq. Did a 15 month [stint]. Out of Fort Benning.

Officer: Well, alright. My son went to Iraq. He didn’t make it home.»

«Me: Man, I’m so sorry to hear that. I just finished a PTSD program.

Officer: I see you have a flag in the truck. The one we got for him? Well it’s at the house. Can I ask a question? Me: Sure.

Officer: Do you mind stepping out and receiving a hug? You remind me of my son. I pulled you over. I thought you were him. I still don’t believe it most days he’s gone.

With tears in both our eyes, I got out and hugged that man. I’m talking about for a minute or two crying. Down to our knees crying. I needed that.

To all the family and friends of soldiers, fighting or done fighting, God bless you. Your peace and your hearts. It’s so hard without them, I know. This road is a tremendous one. Love to all.»

All the officer wanted to do was give William a well-deserved hug and show his support! Losing a child is one of the most difficult things in the world — and knowing they were so far away from family was crushing.

Thankfully, the encounter with William was able to give the officer chance to focus on his faith and the goodness of strangers.

The moment William returned home, he took a picture of the flag in his truck (seen above) and shared it online.

William had no idea that his story would inspire so many other people around the country.

Since posting his heartwarming words online, it’s been shared 179,000 times and liked by more than 210,000 users. Obviously, the moment between the officer and William strikes a chord with everyone!


Teenager left paralyzed and in need of round the clock care after being dared to swallow a slug

innocent seeming thing can change a life forever, and one of those is a teenager taking a dare. That’s exactly what happened to Sam Ballard, who was a talented rugby player from Sydney, Australia.

But it wasn’t a dangerous stunt that wound up doing lasting damage to the youngster. Sam ended up as a paraplegic after swallowing a garden slug as a dare at a 19th birthday party.

Now aged 28, Sam fell seriously ill within days of swallowing the slug whole at his friend’s house Sydney. He was quickly admitted to hospital, but physicians could do nothing as he lapsed into a coma lasting 420 days, and emerged a very different person.

His mom described him as “my rough- and- tumble Sam” and that as a 19 year old the sport loving young man was “invincible”. But after the teenager’s life took a devastating turn, he has to be tube fed, suffers seizures and cannot regulate his own body temperature.

Ballard was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital on Sydney’s north shore, where doctors diagnosed him as having been infected with rat lungworm. It’s a parasite that is most often found in rodents, but snails or slugs can become infected with it. This happens when they ingest the feces of rats with the parasite, known as Angiostrongylus cantonensis.

So it was rare that the slug was even carrying the parasite in the first place – and that Sam just so happened to take up the dare of one of his friends that day.

At hospital, his family was told that while most people develop no symptoms, it very rarely causes an infection of the brain, which is what happened in Sam’s case.

He went on to contract eosinophilic meningoencephalitis, a strand of meningitis, which plunged Sam into his over year- long coma. Eventually, Sam spent a total of three years in hospital and now has to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Since Sam swallowed the slimy bug at a friend’s party in 2010, his life has changed beyond recognition, and he now requires round the clock care.

Sam’s loving mom Katie Ballard would later says of the effect the chance incident had on her son: “It’s devastated, changed his life forever, changed my life forever. It’s huge. The impact is huge”.

He was eventually released from hospital after three long years of treatment, and now has to use a motorized wheelchair. But Sam still has his friends and family to depend on.

They quickly launched ‘Team Ballard’, a fundraising initiative that raised money through donations for the care that Sam would require twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

It never could be enough however, and the Ballard family would come to also rely on state granted disability allowance. In 2016, Sam’s mother Katie applied to Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), after Sam became eligible for a £300,000 care package.

This helped, but the family were dealt a fresh blow in 2018, when Sam’s government funded disability benefits were cut.

Without warning, in September Sam’s mom received a text message from the NDIS to say a review of his plan meant that his funding had been cut to around £75,000. The massive 77% cut in funding was done without explanation, but since Sam’s family had to continue to care for him somehow, they had to privately fund his round the clock care, meaning they have run up a heavy debt with the nursing service.

They currently owe the nursing service £25,000, with the NDIS promising that it would soon begin “working closely with the Ballard family” to find a way to increase Sam’s support package back to a workable level.

In a Facebook post dating back to 2011, Sam’s mom wrote of her pride in her son, and said that she hoped Sam would one day walk again.

“Sam is doing really well,” his mom wrote, “He is still the same cheeky Sam, and laughs a lot. He will walk and talk again (thank god) but the time factor is was we don’t know”.

We wish Sam well on his road to recovery; he is clearly a strong young man, and his mother was definitely right when she described him as ‘invincible’.

What do you have to say about this story? Isn’t it horrendous that a strong young man can have his life altered so much by something as trivial as taking up a dare? And can you believe that the government cut Sam’s disability allowance, even though he clearly needs it?