Get into an exercise routine without getting out of bed

Exercise requires the right gear, the right clothes, a gym membership, and a trip to get to the gym. It almost seems like it takes more effort to get started than it does when you’re actually exercising. What if you could skip all of that and just get to the important part?

Try these 13 light fat burning exercise that you don’t even have to roll out of bed to do.

#1 Bent leg side raise

Go onto your knees making sure to keep your back straight, then lift a leg to the side as high as you can and try to keep it at a 90 angle. Lower your leg back to the starting position, repeat 10 times, and then do the exact same movement and repetition with the other leg.

#2 Superman

Lay on your stomach and extend both arms in front of you, stretch your arms as far as you can manage while making sure your elbows are slightly straight. Lift your arms and legs off the ground and pause. Once you’re done, go back to the original position and repeat.

#3 Glute bridge

Lay down on your back and raise your bottom, stay in this position. If you want more of a challenge, raise one leg at a time while maintaining this position.

#4 Lateral side-lying leg raises

Lay on your side with your hips even, raise one leg up slowly as high as is comfortable for you, and then move it slowly back down after. Repeat these 10 times, then roll over and do the same for your other leg.

#5 Russian twist

Sit down with your knees bent, lean back very slightly, lift your feet, and then twist your torso to a side of your choice. Once your back in the initial position, twist to the other side.

#6 Plank

Put yourself into a push-up position but bend your elbows directly beneath your shoulders so that the weight of your body is on your elbows and lower arms (and toes). Your body should form a straight line from your head to your feet. Hold the position for as long as you can, being sure to keep your back straight.

#7 Plank leg lift

Put yourself into the same position as above and then raise your left leg for one second, place it down and repeat with the other leg. Continue this for several repetitions.

#8 Push-up hold

Get into the plank position and then place both hands underneath your shoulders keeping your elbows extended and back straight. Lower your chest to the floor and hold as long as you can before going into the initial position.

#9 Bicycle crunch

Lie flat on the ground with both hands behind your head, then you bring a knee up to your chest, keeping the opposite leg straight on the ground while turning your upper body to the opposite side, making sure that you bring your elbow towards your knee. Repeat with the opposite leg and elbow.

#10 Crisscross

Lay on your back and lift both legs up, keeping them straight, then bring one ankle over the other and proceed to switch them in a crisscross motion.

#11 Mountain climber

Go into a push-up position, and then bring one leg forward towards your chest. Switch to the other leg while pulling back.

#12 Full body crunch

Lay flat on the ground and lift your feet up, tuck your knees in towards your chest while crunching your upper body up, crunch your upper and lower body together and then let your upper body go back to the original position.

#13 reverse crunch

Lay flat on the ground, keeping your knees together and bending your legs to 90 degrees. Crunch your knees, lifting your hips off the ground. Pause for a moment and then lower back down when you are ready.

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McDonald’s was better when we were kids and here’s why

Going to McDonald’s was one of the main highlights of our childhoods. It was a rare event, but when it happened, it was basically like going into an amusement park with chicken nuggets.

Not only did you get a great meal that in your opinion was full of nutritional value, but you got a kickass toy and a fun time in an awesome play place.

Let’s revisit all the best parts about your childhood trips to McDonald’s:

Obviously you have to start with the Happy Meal
Our mom had a rule where we couldn’t open our toys until we ate our food because otherwise we would just get distracted and play with it instead of eating.

Obviously, it’s McNuggets or bust right? Everyone with me on that one? The thing was, when we were kids they didn’t try to give us healthy alternatives. I don’t even think apple slices were an option until I was already grown up, and you can forget about the yogurt they’ve added in recently.

It was all nuggets, french fries and soda, eaten at a rate one could only describe as inhuman, before ripping into a plastic bag containing some sort of toy that would bring more joy than you’d think possible.

Then it’s time to open the toy
So, I learned when I got older that it was weird that my sister and I couldn’t open our toys until we finished our meals. But honestly, at the time it made sense. It was our treat for eating our «real food» and we had the attention spans of gnat anyways so if we had opened it up we would never have eaten.

The best toys ever, at least in my opinion, had to have been the Beanie Babies. I was an AVID collector. I had guide books, I had protective cases, and of course, tag protectors. When McDonald’s started giving them away for free I was in heaven.

But even a super fun, totally rad toy couldn’t keep us entertained forever. We had much more important things to do, and it involved the McDonald’s Play Place…

Play Places were essentially heaven for kids
What do we want? Plastic tunnels! When do we want them? ALWAYS!

So there are two kinds of Play Places, and both are equally great, but very different. There is a completely different feel to the indoor Play Place when compared to the outdoor Play Places, but let’s look at both.

Indoor Play Places
Living somewhere that was cold for half of the year meant that our outdoor Mcdonald’s Play Places were off limits a lot of the time, so these elaborate and amazing tunnel systems were built inside.

They often were built into these big glass areas that made itself known from pretty far away, so when you were getting close you would get super excited. They would have tunnels that you could climb through that led to slides and ropes, and of course none were complete unless they had a ball pit that kind of smelled like a deep fryer.

You always had to deal with that one weird kid who wouldn’t get off the slide so you would be trapped at the top, but eventually our moms would come for us all, no matter how much we wanted to stay.

Outdoor Playgrounds
There is something so wonderful about the summer coming and being able to play outside. Sure, it was sunny and warm, but more importantly, the McDonald’s Playground was open again and now you could safely play on all of your favorite structures.

If you were lucky, there was a little tiny merry-go-round that was pretty awesome, or if not, that really creepy fish burger bouncy thing was there for you to ride around on. Mayor McCheese had his own ride that made us all dizzy, while Officer Big Mac jailed the rest of us.

There were a lot of different variations on which activities there were to play in, but no matter which type of Play Place your McDonald’s had it was the best one in your eyes.

But the Play Places aren’t the only amazing parts of McDonald’s. There was just something about the feeling of the entire restaurant, thanks to the details around the store that we all remember so fondly…

The N64 stations were absolutely perfect

There is no game system better than an N64. I know you may say that the graphics weren’t that great or whatever, but I don’t care, nothing will ever beat the N64.

When it came out, only a select few of us kids were able to secure their own console for their houses, and I was not one of them. We weren’t able to get one until me and my sister saved up for one on our own, which didn’t happen until literally a decade later, so needless to say the McDonald’s N64s were a Godsend.

Burger stools were just iconic

Okay, yes, they were a little bit slippery and if you fidgeted too much you might slip right off, but that was good for an antsy kid like me! It forced me to sit still and eat my McNuggets!

McDonaldland Cookies were the actual best

I think the Grimace cookies just tasted better. I know that technically they are all the same, but when I was kid at least, the Grimace cookies tasted the best. Also, Birdie’s were the worst, but only because they were kind of terrifying to look at.

McDonald’s Halloween buckets were essential

Okay, I’ll admit it, I never had one of these. Instead I used a pillow case to get the most candy I could, but I always thought the people who did have these were so cool. Although they had to have been carrying around a backup bag right? Because who is done when they fill that small little bucket?

And of course, McDonald’s Pizza

The only thing that could steal my attention from a McNugget was a McDonald’s Pizza. Gone too soon from our lives, and honestly, we need it now more than ever.

Which McDonald’s memory brings you back to your childhood?


20 things you will only remember if you’re over 20 now

Oh, how times have changed! I look at the kids and teenagers nowadays and it’s like they’re growing up in a totally different world than the one I knew. Everything is so fast paced and technology-driven, unlike back in the 80s and 90s, when every new discovery and invention left us in awe.

Instead of Google, I had to look through encyclopedias to get more information on a topic, my friends and I played outside every day, Saturday mornings were reserved for cartoons, and visiting fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s was a special treat.

If you also did these things, then you’ll probably also remember the following:

1. The disturbing McDonald’s mascot Mac Tonight that still gives you nightmares

2. Learning important life lessons from Sweet Pickles books

3. Playing Ivan «Ironman» Stewart’s Super Off Road arcade video game

4. Reading books so you could get a free Pizza Hut personal pizza from the Book It! program

5. Watching this Pizza Hut commercial from the Land Before Time VHS

6. Then hosting your birthday party at Pizza Hut because it was the place to do it at

7. Dressing up in this plastic costume (look at that creepy mask) for Halloween because She-Ra was so badass

8. Saturday mornings weren’t complete without Pee-Wee’s Playhouse

9. Having a collection of scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers, but never actually scratching them to keep the scent intact

10. Never getting tired of watching flowers dance every time you turned the radio on

11. Having a character cake for your birthday and it made you the happiest

12. Wasting all your quarters on the Lucky Egg Machine, but you kept going back because of the cool noise it made

13. Buying toys and other merchandise from the Warner Bros. Studios store

The stores were all shuttered in 2001.

14. Shopping for knits and denim at County Seat

15. Thinking Casey the Talking Tape Player was the coolest thing ever and wanting it for Christmas

16. Having the time of your life at McDonald’s PlayPlace

17. Keeping all your favorite makeup and accessories in a Caboodles case

18. Drinking the fizzy fruit-flavored Splice soda

19. Wondering how they got the Strawberry Shortcake doll to smell like strawberries (sort of)

20. Matching your nails to your outfit using Lee Press On Nails