10 ways to use vinegar for ultra clean laundry

If you go down the laundry detergent aisle at your local grocery store, you’ll no doubt find loads of different things that claim they can make your laundry fresher or get rid of all your tough stains.

They also cost a lot of money.

So why buy tons of different things with all kinds of chemicals in them when you can buy just one all natural ingredient for most of your laundry needs. White vinegar can work wonders on in laundry.

Here are 10 ways you can use white vinegar for the freshest laundry possible:

1) Disinfect Your Washing Machine

Neglecting to clean your washing machine can cause soap scum and mineral deposits to build up. This can leave a residue on your clothing and even restrict water flow and affect your machine’s performance. So, you’ll want to make sure you’re cleaning your machine properly about four times per year. Pour two cups of white distilled vinegar into your machine and run an empty cycle with hot water.

2) Make Your Clothes Pop

Use 1/2 cup of vinegar to the final rinse cycle to make your colors brighter. The acetic acid in vinegar also helps to whiten up whites that are greying.

3) Banish Smokey Scents

If your clothes stink of smoke, try adding about 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar to your wash cycle to get rid of the smokey smell.

4) Get Rid of Mildew Smells

Damp items like bath towels or gym clothes can start stinking once they are left in the hamper. Your washing machine can also grow mildew if you leave wet laundry in it. Rid your laundry of this smell by pouring two cups of white vinegar into your hot water wash cycle.

5) Darken Your Darks

Detergent residue can also leave your dark colors looking dull. Use 1/2 cup of vinegar in your final rinse cycle to get rid of that residue and make your dark colors look darker.

6) Soften Up Your Load

You can skip the chemicals and cost of fabric softener and use vinegar instead. White distilled vinegar softens fabrics naturally. Pour 1/2 cup into your final rinse cycle. You can add a few drops of essential oil, such as lavender, to make your laundry smell nice.

7) Fight Underarm Odor

Pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and spray the underarm area. Let it soak in for about 10 minutes. Put your garment in the wash. When it comes out those nasty yellow armpit stains and smells will be gone.

8) Deter Cling

Make pet hair less likely to stick to your clothing by pouring 1/2 cup of vinegar into the rinse cycle of your laundry. This will also get rid of excessive lint from things like towels.

9) Prevent Your Colors From Running

Use a small cup of vinegar in your washing machine with cold water to prevent bold colors from running in the washing machine.

10) Remove Grease Stains From Suede

You don’t have to panic if you spill some grease on your suede clothing and accessories. Dip a toothbrush in some vinegar and brush the stained area with vinegar. It should look good as new once it’s dry.


3+ brilliant ways to rescue yellowed pillows

It seems that no matter how many times we change our pillow cases the pillows themselves find a way to turn a cringe-worthy yellow. Your pillow gets this way because you use it every night, and every night it soaks up your body’s oils, sweat and probably even some drool, too.
While it’s easy to just throw a pillow case over it and forget it’s there, that’s not always the best solution. Over time, your pillow can become smelly and even harbor germs. Luckily, cleaning your pillow is a whole lot simpler than you realize. Below, we’ve listed the best solutions to cleaning your stained pillows:

Yellowed pillows
Although most people wash their pillowcases often enough, how many times have you washed your pillows? It’s pretty easy, so don’t hesitate to try it.

Regular pillows 
Use the concoction below for your regular pillows.

Down pillows that need extra care
If you have a pillow that can’t be thrown into the washing machine, like a down pillow, this is the solution you’re going to want to try.

Microfiber and memory foam pillows
Another washing machine alternative is to just let your pillow soak. If you have a microfiber or memory foam pillow, this is the best option for you. Follow along the technique below:

Gross shower curtain?
Use the following hack the next time you want to refresh your shower curtain.
Get wrinkles out of your clothes

Use this hack to help with wrinkles.

Want to make your house smell amazing?

Whip up this mixture to make the whole house smell heavenly. Here’s what you do:


Study says the more expensive the wedding the more likely the marriage won’t last

For some couples, planning their dream wedding can involve spending a lot of cash.

Although the cost of the wedding will vary from couple to couple, in the United States the average cost of tying the knot is around $30,000. So you can imagine how long it’ll take to save up that kind of dough.

But, for those who chose to go a cheaper route when planning their nuptials, we’ve got good news for you: you’ll be more likely to stay together.

That’s right, the more expensive your wedding is, the more likely you and your spouse will eventually head to splitsville.

The study
According to a study conduced by economic professors Andrew Francis-Tan and Hugo M. Mialon reveal that there are certain characteristics that will increase the chance couples will end up divorced.

The professors surveyed 3,000 married people and discovered that the price of the engagement ring and the overall cost of the wedding plays a significant role in a marriage’s duration. In fact, it’s nearly as important to a person as is their partner’s looks.

An engagement ring

«Specifically, in the sample of men, spending between $2,000 and $4,000 on an engagement ring is associated with 1.3 times greater hazard of divorce as compared to spending between $500 and $2,000,» the paper reads.

The research also states that if a ceremony costs less than $1,000, there will be a massive decrease in the probability a couple will end their relationship, while if a wedding cost more than $20,000, the likelihood they’ll separate will be 1.6 times higher.

Luckily, the cost of one’s honeymoon doesn’t play a factor in the length of a couple’s marriage, and is «significantly associated with a lower hazard of divorce.»

But, as previously mentioned, the study also found that a person’s physical attraction to their spouse also plays a huge factor in how long a couple will stay together.

«Reporting that one’s partner’s looks were important in the decision to marry is significantly associated with shorter marriage duration,» Mialon revealed.

The secret to staying together
Although the price of a union has the potential to determine if a couple will stay together, they won’t necessary dictate if your union will actually last.

While celebrities will often share the secrets to keeping their relationship in tact, scientists have spent years researching the secret to a happy marriage.

A study published in Family Therapy back in 2001, which surveyed 15 heterosexual couples who’ve been married for 35 years or more, determined that that along with love, a genuine friendship with their spouse was a key factor in maintaining a healthy relationship.

«Friendship and love, among several other factors, appear to be not only a benefit of the long-term marriage, but a cause,» the study reads. «The responses of the fifteen couples in this study indicate a marriage that is woven together tightly due to similarities that may have existed in the beginning, or perhaps have developed through the years together.»

In a separate study titled, The long-term marriage: perceptions of stability and satisfaction, it was revealed that love, similar backgrounds or interests, and friendship were the primary reasons that the surveyed relationships stayed in tact for so many years.

It was also proven that despite a short adjustment period, having children will more likely strengthen a couple’s bond. Another significant factor that added to a marriage’s longevity is the spouses’ mutual understanding of what their union means to them.

«A long-term and satisfying marriage is not merely a matter of finding someone who can make you happy,» the authors conclude. «It is a matter of two people who have a shared understanding of what their marriage means for them.»

How elaborate was your wedding? Let us know in the comments!


10 awesome ways to use curtain rods to stay organized around the house

You probably never realized it, but curtain rods can actually be useful for a whole lot more around the house. They can help you hang things, organize spaces and fit into tricky corners that probably go under utilized around your home anyways.
If you’re looking to get organized, look no further. This post will help you organize everywhere from that tricky spot under the sink to your desk, bookshelf, craft corner and so much more. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing now!

1. Organize your spray bottles

Everyone has that messy cabinet that’s filled with cleaning spray bottles for disinfecting, cleaning the bathroom and everywhere else. Keeping these bottles piled in the cabinet is messy, so instead spring a curtain rod inside and hang the bottles from the rod. No more searching for bottles ever again!
2. Hide cluttered bookshelves

Sometimes bookshelves begin collecting a lot more than books. When they begin to look messy or you need to hide some things away, hide the shelf by creating a little curtain out of tension rods. By attaching two curtain rods to the shelves with one piece of fabric on each, you hide the clutter while keeping the area looking sharp.
3. Organize scarves

If you keep your scarves stuffed in a box or basket and always find yourself throwing them all on the floor looking for just one, this tip is for you. Secure a curtain rod in your closet or nook and hang your scarves from that. They’ll look pretty, won’t wrinkle and will always be easy to find.
4. Shoe organizer

Instead of investing in an expensive and bulky shoe organizer, grab some curtain rods and put them up in your closet or in a corner. From there you can hang all your shoes so they are easy to see — and they look great too.
5. Organize baking sheets

Instead of stacking your baking sheets on top of one another, use tension rods or curtain rods to separate them out in your cabinets. They will always be easy to reach!
6. Craft organizer

Keep all your ribbons and other craft supplies organized and within reach by hanging them off of a curtain rod. It frees up much-needed desk and drawer space, too!
7. Kitchen organizer

Take an old curtain rod and paint it a fun color — or something like this copper metallic color — and use it to organize fruit, veggies and other kitchen items. It fits perfectly between your counter and shelves and won’t damage either of them.
8. Make a herb garden

Get your herbs off the counter space (it’s much too valuable) and stick them up in the window on a curtain rod where they will get tons of light. Plus, this look is totally modern and fun!
9. Sink skirt

Hide all the cleaning supplies and other necessities under your garage or basement sink with by sticking up an old curtain rod with some fabric. You’ll get a beautiful looking sink skirt and hide all the clutter.
10. Desk organizer

Keep all your important mail and notes organized on your desk with the help of a curtain rod. Stick one up here and simply hang everything you need in eyesight.


10 bathroom cleaning tips that’ll make this task less of a chore

Out of all the rooms in your house, the bathroom is probably the worst to clean. We all know what happens in there, so it’s not surprising that this is the room with the most germs and the grossest stuff to clean up. But what if you could make cleaning the bathroom way less terrible?
Armed with several gallons of vinegar, a roll of paper towels, plenty of soap and water, a few spray bottles and a package of Kool-Aid, you can have your entire bathroom gleaming in no time. Well, it might take a little more than the things I just listed, but for the most part, we’ve got you covered.

1. Vinegar soak 
You don’t need to spend hours scrubbing the hard water stains on the faucets in your bathroom. Instead, soak a few paper towels in vinegar and wrap them around the faucet. Leave them for about an hour and when you remove them, your faucets should shine like they did the day you installed them.

2. Drains 
You might not think of a clogged drain as a cleaning issue, but if you don’t take care of that clog, then you’ll end up with a pretty disgusting mess on your hands. To unclog a drain, whether in the sink or the tub, pour 1/2 cup of salt down the drain, followed by 1/2 cup of baking soda and finally 1/2 cup of vinegar. Let this combination work together for 10 minutes to dissolve all of the gunk stuck in your drain and then finish up by pouring 2 quarts of boiling water down the drain.

3. Shower head 
Cleaning your shower head is pretty simple and can mostly take care of itself while you clean other areas of the bathroom. Fill a Ziploc bag with vinegar and use a rubber band to hook the bag around your shower head. Let it soak in the vinegar overnight and when you remove the bag in the morning, wipe off the shower head with a clean cloth.

4. Exhaust fan 
As long as you aren’t worried about balancing on a step-stool in your bathroom, cleaning your exhaust fan might end up as one of your easiest chores. All you have to do is remove the cover, rinse it with a little soap and water, use the hose on your vacuum to suck the dust out of the fan and then reattach the cover.

5. Tile & grout 
You’re probably used to cleaning your tile floors by spending time on your hands and knees, scrubbing the tile and the grout in between, right? Well, get up and try this instead. Mix 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of dish soap. Use a sponge, cloth or scrub brush to easily spread this combination over and in between your tiles, saving yourself from all that time spent scrubbing.

6. Daily shower spray 
To avoid having to scrub your tub and shower as often, make your own spray to use after every shower. Combine 3 cups water, 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol, 2 teaspoons dish soap and 2 teaspoons Jet Dry in a large jug. Transfer some of this mixture into a spray bottle and give your shower and tub a quick spritz after every use.

7. Drip dry 
After you clean your toilet, what do you do with your toilet bowl brush? Do you rinse it in the sink or bathtub and then stick it back in its holder? Stop doing that. If you put it away while it’s still wet, you’re creating a breeding ground for new germs. Instead, after you’ve finished cleaning your toilet, lift up the seat, set down the brush and lower the seat on it. The seat will hold the brush in place and let it drip dry on its own.

8. Sink stains 
If you have some gross-looking stains in your bathroom sink, you can get rid of them in three easy steps. Start by scrubbing the sink with a sponge, warm water and dish soap. Then spray bleach in the sink and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing and rinsing again. Finally, put Bar Keeper’s Friend directly on the stains and scrub until they disappear.

9. Toilet Kool-Aid 
No amount of scrubbing will truly get rid of those nasty rings in your toilet. You can, however, dissolve the gunk that forms the ring. All you need to do is sprinkle lemon Kool-Aid powder around the inside walls of your toilet, let it sit for an hour and then use your toilet bowl brush to finish cleaning as usual. The acidic chemicals in the Kool-Aid powder will dissolve the ring, leaving your toilet clean without any extra scrubbing.

10. Mirrors 
Most people rely on store-bought glass cleaner for their bathroom mirrors, but this often leaves streaks on the glass. To get rid of these streaks, and save money on cleaning products, spray black tea on your mirrors instead.


10 genius ways to clean those thrift shop finds

Thrift stores, junk shops, and flea markets are filled with excellent items for a budget-minded shopper. You can easily create a one-of-a-kind home decor with pieces found in unique places. But you may find that many of these «treasures» look a bit worn.
Knowing how to properly clean thrift shop finds without damaging the items or their vintage patina will take you from a shopper to a master designer. These ten tutorials feature the most popular vintage finds in home decor. They will change the way you look at items when shopping. Best part? They use items you can easily find around your house!

1. Antique china and glassware
Southern Vintage Table adores her antique finds from thrift stores, junk finders and antique dealers. But she has found that many stores make the mistake of marking on china and glassware with permanent markers and apply hard-to-remove stickers. She keeps three items to remove these «permanent» reminders: Magic Erasers, eucalyptus oil, and light sand paper. See how she uses them to clean up antique china in this post.

2. Tarnished silver
Cleaning tarnished silver items seems like a huge task. Commercial cleaners and silver polishes smell awful and take forever. On Sutton Place shares an easy way to clean thrift store silver treasures with two items you already have in your pantry — baking soda and kosher salt. She says it only takes 5 minutes to restore a brilliant shine. ​

3. Aged vintage linens
Napkins, aprons, curtains, dresses — the vintage fabrics to be found in antique shops are endless. Many feature hand stitching, tatted lace and little details that create a simple and charming look. Old textiles can be tricky to clean. The Sewing Loft recommends using a mild temperature bath of white vinegar, warm water and borax. Find the complete directions to safely clean vintage fabrics here.

4. Rusty cast iron pans
The best cast iron skillets are ones well loved throughout the years. Newer cast iron simply does not perform the same way. Don’t be turned off by rusty old cast iron from garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets. You can easily turn them back into well-loved kitchenware by giving them a good cleaning and seasoning. A Delightsome Life takes you step-by-step through cleaning and restoring old cast iron using a high heat oven and oil in this tutorial.

5. Collectible dolls
Vintage dolls are highly collectible. Their nostalgia brings us back to our childhoods. If you are lucky to find a treasured doll at a bargain price, chances are it is going to be in rough shape. If you’ve ever had a doll professionally cleaned, you may have been surprised when the expert pulled out the box of baking soda. You don’t need specialized chemicals to safely clean your dolls. Vintage Doll Repair shares the easy-to-find household items used to clean antique dolls here.

6. Antique furniture
Part of the charm of antique furniture is often the patina and age it shows. You want to clean and deodorize a piece without actually refinishing it and losing its vintage look. DIY Passion recommends using a combination of fresh air, baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap to freshen up an old piece of furniture. She starts with this process on her furniture projects, moving on to stronger methods as needed. ​

7. Thrift store purses
A high-quality leather purse is timeless. Thrift store leather purses often look shabby, but most just need a little cleaning and conditioning. This step-by-step tutorial guides you through cleaning and conditioning a thrift store leather purse. A great tip for keeping them smelling fresh is to add a fabric softener sheet to the inside of the bag before you store them.

8. Dusty baskets
Most thrift shops are filled with baskets covered with dust. You can purchase really nice wicker baskets for a fraction of the new cost. All they need is a good cleaning. One Good Thing by Jillee simply gives her baskets a quick bath in warm, soapy water. The key is to set them outside to get thoroughly dry as quickly as possible. See how she does it in this basket cleaning tutorial.

9. Vintage galvanized buckets
The recent Fixer Upper trend of decorating features lots of galvanized steel. Vintage buckets, tubs and other containers can hold flowers, throws, towels, collections, and other items. Knowing how to properly clean galvanized buckets can prevent irreversable damage. This tutorial recommends using a mild dishwashing liquid. Acids, such as vinegar, should never be used to clean galvanized tin or steel.

10. Smelly vintage suitcases and trunks
The vintage appeal of suitcases, hatboxes and trunks is often overwhelmed by their musty, old smell. Clean up those vintage fabric, wicker, and leather suitcases with this easy tutorial from House of Hawthornes. The secret to removing that smell? Kitty litter!

These quick fixes to thrift store shopping problems will leave you knowing exactly how to clean up those amazing finds! Share with your friends and family on Facebook before you head out shopping!


This Bourbon Cough Syrup is the Adult Way to Fight a Cold

Cold weather is hitting many cities across the United States right now. That said, most people will reach for a bottle of medicine when that cold weather turns to a real head cold and sore throat. Medicine is fine, if you’re into that sort of thing, but we prefer natural home remedies that soothe and comfort. To us, there’s nothing more natural than a bit of bourbon.

In fact, people have been using alcohol to cure illness and soothe babies for decades. One particular writer here at Wide Open Eats worked with a gentleman who swore the only way to nip the flu at the bud was to drink tequila. And, of course, we’re all aware of how a finger of whiskey can soothe a baby. Whether you have a perfect remedy that you swear by or you’re looking for a simple recipe to try combating flu season the au natural way, this cough remedy will make you feel instantly better.

That said, Faith Durand has a recipe for bourbon-based cough syrup that any adult, sick or not, will enjoy. After hearing about this, we wouldn’t be surprised to find full-fledged adults faking sick. Find the original recipe on The Kitchn here.


All you’ll need for this recipe is 2 ounces of bourbon; the lemon juice from half of a lemon; 2 to 4 ounces water; and 1 tablespoon honey. Enjoy this as a nightcap on colder evenings, and sip it when you’re sick for a good night’s rest. We enjoy this remix on a hot toddy when we’re perfectly healthy, too.

If you are sick, the bourbon will help you go to sleep. We’re not doctors, but something about honey and a good warm temperature will help soothe your throat. Lemons can pretty much cure anything, it seems. If you want a little more flavor, consider brewing some ginger tea to add in place of the water. This cold remedy is easily made with the simplest ingredients you always have on hand, even when a hacking cold or illness has you feeling low.


13 Kitchen Cleaning Tasks You Can Do in Less Than a Minute

One day, your kitchen is spotless. The next thing you know, you look around, and it’s so…dirty. When did this happen? How did this happen? You don’t remember creating a pile of clutter so bad that you’re considering renting a bulldozer to tackle it. But sure enough, it all piled up, bit by bit, day by day.

Take a breath and relax, because while kitchen messes can accumulate a little bit at a time, they can be faced — even prevented — in the same way. That’s right: we’ve gathered 13 tiny tasks you can do to clean your kitchen, and none of them take more than 60 seconds!

1.Wipe Down Your Faucet

Has it been a while since you cleaned your faucet? All you’ve got to do is give it a quick spritz with your favorite kitchen spray, then wipe it down with a paper towel. Then bask in the shininess, of course.

2.Clean Your Sink

This one’s just as easy: spray your sink with your cleaner, then wipe it out with a paper towel. That will banish any water spots, gunk, or stains.

3.Freshen Your Garbage Disposal
If leaning over your sink makes your eyes water, then it’s high time to freshen it! For a simple way to take on this chore, just cut a lemon and drop some of the peel inside. Run the garbage disposal, and your sink will now smell lemony fresh.

4.Put Dishes Away

If you’re like me, you have a bad habit of getting dishes clean, then leaving them on the counter or in the dishwasher and completely forgetting about them. To instantly clear space in your kitchen, just spend a minute putting them away!

5.Wipe Down Your Microwave

The minute you spend occasionally wiping out your microwave will really pay off. Do this regularly, and you won’t ever have to face months of caked-on food in a neglected microwave.

6.Remove Smudges from Your Fridge Doors
Unexpected stains and smears can show up here, especially if you have a stainless steel or dark appliance. Spray it down with a kitchen cleaner (or stainless steel cleaner), then wipe from top to bottom.

7.Put Stray Things Away

Look around on your kitchen counters. You might find something like birthday candles you haven’t used in 9 months, or the olive oil you took out for a recipe 2 nights ago, or a tangle of phone chargers that don’t even belong in the kitchen. If so, do yourself a favor and spend 60 seconds putting them away.

8.Wipe Down Countertops
If everything’s already been put away, then you can concentrate on removing any crumbs, stains, or other messes from your countertops with a simple wipe-down.

9.Fold or Hang Towels

Any kitchen or dish towels you use might wind up wadded on the counter. If they’re clean, put them on a hanger, or neatly fold them. If they’re dirty, toss them in the wash!

10.Tidy Your Table
Same principle applies here as for your kitchen counters. If you see any stray items piled up on your kitchen or dining room table, clear them off and enjoy the zen feeling of an uncluttered space.

11.Spot Clean Your Chairs

Hard chairs (wood, metal, or plastic) can be wiped down with cleaning spray and a cloth. If you have upholstered seats, gently brush away or vacuum up any crumbs. Any stains or spots can be cleaned with a fabric stain remover.

12.Take out the Trash

This chore’s a great one to think about doing before you have company at home, or anytime you want to make sure your kitchen’s perfectly spotless.

13.Spot Sweep
Even if you don’t have time to fully clean your kitchen floor, you can grab a broom and dustpan and quickly take care of any obvious mess.

Keep up with these tiny chores, and you’re less likely to wind up facing a monumental task. Think of it as running a series of sprints rather than a marathon. Do you know of any other speedy kitchen cleaning hacks?


30 genius uses for baking soda (besides baking)

It’s white, it’s absorbent, and it probably sits in your cupboard all year because you have no idea what to do with it. Yes, baking soda is a kitchen staple that almost never lives up to its potential.

It’s great for almost everything, because it’s completely natural and cleans really well.

Start getting the most out of your baking soda with these 30 helpful tips:

1. Make a face scrub

Remember this recipe, because we’ll use it a lot: three parts baking soda and one part water makes a paste that’s easy to spread around. Rub it on your face and rinse it off for a cheap but handy exfoliator.

2. Clean your drains

Pour some baking soda in your drain and then chase it with a dash of vinegar. Put the stopper on quickly and the frothy mixture will scrub the gunk out of your drain by itself.

3. Wipe away burnt-on food

If you have a serving dish with scorched food stuck to it, soak it in soapy water with a few sprinkles of baking soda. A soft rag should wipe off the food afterwards.

You can also rescue a pan with burnt food. Simmer water inside it with baking soda. After a few minutes, the food will scrape off easily.

4. Freshen your litter box

Before you add litter to your cat’s box, pour in a layer of baking soda. As your pet uses the box they turn up the litter, so the baking soda will keep it fresher for longer.

5. Eliminate carpet stains

Every spill is a little different, but baking soda works well on almost all of them. Just blot out the stain, pour on some baking soda, and vacuum it up after a few minutes. The carpet should be good as new.

6. Clean Jacuzzi jets

If your tub has these pulsing water jets, you know they can get stinky after a while. To clean them, fill the tub until the water is just above the jets. Pour in two cups of baking soda and run the jets for 10 minutes.

Then, drain the water and refill the tub. Now run the jets for another 10 minutes and they should be much nicer.

7. Freshen your fridge

This is one of the most common uses for baking soda, but some people still don’t know about it. A small container in your fridge will keep it from getting stinky. If you buy bulk sizes, filling a mason jar or cup with the powder will also do the trick.

8. Polish silverware

For this trick, line a baking dish with aluminium foil. Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda, then slowly add a 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of boiling water.

Place your silverware in the dish and the gunk should start coming off right away. Make sure you only leave your pieces in for about 30 seconds, unless they’re seriously dirty.

9. Make toothpaste

Some people prefer baking soda toothpaste to the store-bought version, because it uses less chemicals. You can find a recipe here. Even sprinkling a little powder on your regular toothpaste will help it whiten your teeth.

10. Make natural deodorant

If you hate the sticky, gooey feeling of deodorant, dusting your underarms with baking soda will also keep them smelling fresh. Or, make your own deodorant using the powder.

11. Erase marks on your walls

Sprinkle some baking soda on a damp sponge and rub the messiest parts of your walls. Wipe with a soft cloth and the marks should be gone.

12. Keep your septic tank regular

Flushing a cup of baking soda once a week will help keep the pH balance in your tank at a good level.

13. Fight grease fires

If there’s a fire in your home you should call the fire department, but baking soda can handle some small grease fires.

Turn off the gas or electricity (if it’s safe to do so), stand back from the flames, and throw handfuls of baking soda at the fire.

14. Freshen your carpet

Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on your carpets, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then vacuum it up. The powder will take any nasty odors away with it.

Try mixing in a little cinnamon to add a pleasant aroma.

15. Keep garbage or recycling smelling nice

When you replace your bin liner, sprinkle a little baking soda into the bottom of the bag, to neutralize your kitchen’s worst odors.

16. Clean grout in your bathroom

Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a paste, then scrub it into your grout with an old toothbrush to clean mildew easily.

17. De-stink your mattress

Sprinkle some powder onto your bare mattress and let it sit for an hour. Vacuum up the powder and the nice scent will remain. Plus, this keeps mites away from your bedroom.

18. Keep green beans green

Here’s a little kitchen chemistry for you: a pinch of baking soda will keep green vegetables from turning brown when you boil them.

19. Keep your hair clean

Once a month, many people like to scrub their hair with baking soda to get rid of product buildup. Just add a tablespoon to your regular shampoo and apply it like you normally would in the shower.

20. Remove grease stains

If your car has left a grease stain on your driveway or in your garage, a little baking soda will remove it. Just sprinkle some on, let it sit, then wipe it off with a wet brush.

21. Mix it into your tea

Yes, really. A pinch of baking soda gives sweet tea a smoother taste. You can also get the same effect with a mug of hot tea.

22. Scrub fruits and vegetables

Rub on some baking soda with a damp sponge and you’ll know your veggies are really clean.

23. Whiten your nails

Make the baking soda paste (three parts powder, one part water) and rub it over your nails to whiten them. The same mixture will keep your fingers and hands smooth.

24. Freshen up food containers

Smells linger on these lunch containers, but a wash with a damp sponge and some baking soda will keep them in good condition.

25. Deodorize a sports bag

Golf bags, gym bags, hockey bags, any of these could use a little scent correction. Sprinkle some powder into the bottom of the bag, or make a handy sachet to hold the powder.

26. Fight itchy skin

Bug bites, bee stings, and rashes can all be soothed with baking soda. Mix a paste and rub it on, or draw a bath and add 2 cups of powder for extra relief.

27. Clean your coffee pot

Hard water buildup in your coffee pot can affect the taste of your morning brew. Leave 1/4 cup of baking soda in a full pot overnight to soak, then rinse thoroughly.

28. Keep your laundry white

Drop half a cup of baking soda in with your regular detergent. It’s also helpful when you have to wash out a nasty stain.

29. Kill weeds

Sprinkle baking soda right on the weeds or where they’re growing in and it’s guaranteed to kill them.

Don’t use this in your flowerbeds, because you could kill your flowers by accident.

30. Make your own mouthwash

A teaspoon of powder in half a glass of water makes a homemade mouthwash that eliminates stinky breath. It can also relieve painful canker sores.

Did you know any of these handy uses for baking soda?


21 cleaning hacks that will transform your home

Everyone loves having a clean home, but doing all the work to get one can be a pain.

If you’re looking to cut some of the time, cost, and stress out of your cleaning routine, start with these 21 tips.

1. Bar Keeper’s Friend is your friend

This tough cleaning product is a secret weapon. It can keep your pots and pans looking almost new. Just don’t use it on any non-stick surfaces.

2. It even works in your shower

The soft liquid version takes the grime off glass shower doors and shower floors.

3. Use alcohol or bleach to get mold off your walls

After a day or so, covering the moldy spot with mold-killing primer should solve the problem. If not, call a professional.

4. Wipe your faucets with wax paper to prevent water spots from building

5. The same trick works for your shower curtain rod

Try it on the metal rod in your closet too. Your hangers will slide across it more smoothly.

6. After doing the dishes, always rub down your sink with hot water and soap

7. If you notice stains on your porcelain sink, you can wipe them off with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Sprinkle the baking soda over the stains, then dab a sponge with the peroxide. The stains should scrub right off.

8. You can make your own Magic Erasers to save money

These products are just blocks of melamime foam, which you can buy in sheets or pre-cut blocks. But be warned: some customers think the brand name version lasts longer.

9. Rust remover wipes away hard water marks in your shower

Use a little Whinks and a damp sponge to clean them up in no time.

10. Here’s another solution:

Mix Dawn dish soap and vinegar, then rub the solution on with a Magic Eraser.

11. Windex will clean crayon marks off interior walls

As long as the walls are painted, Windex and a rag work like a charm.

12. You can save a lot of money on cleaning products

Buy an all-purpose cleaning concentrate in bulk, and mix it with water whenever you have a tough mess.

13. Mix cream of tartar and water for cleaning sticky grime

This combination is great for tough, sticky messes, like an office Keurig machine.

14. The key to streak-free floors is your cleaning product

Streaks are caused by the soap in your product, so using all-purpose cleaner with a microfiber mop will keep your floors sparkling.

15. Use an old pillow case to dust your ceiling fan

Envelop the blades in the case and wipe it in one sweep. This prevents dirt from falling into your room.

16. Scrub off stuck-on grease with mineral oil on a cloth

This tip works really well on your stove-top and oven. Just remember to clean off the oil after.

17. Living with a fuzzy screen door?

Roll a lint brush over it to clean out all those little spaces.

18. Here’s the best recipe to scrub off shower mildew:

Mix bleach in water, then scrub the messy area with a tough brush.

19. Clean an electric kettle by boiling water with half a lemon

You can also boil an equal mix of water and vinegar.

20. The Magic Eraser is perfect for scrubbing off oven grease and grime

21. Keep your toilet brush smelling fresh

Pour a little Pine-Sol right into the holder. It will help clean the brush too.

Do you have any special cleaning tricks?