Woman’s about to get makeover, wait until you hear husband’s words at reveal

We all know the saying «age is just a number.» Well, one woman from Ohio named Cindy takes her age with a grain of salt and knows that, despite her turning 60, she’s ready to live life to the fullest!

That’s why she reached out to The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, and asked him to make her feel good again. She had no idea that he would take her in and transform her look into something absolutely stunning!

While she has always been beautiful on the inside, she was hoping that her outside appearance would boost her spirits some. She was so excited to see what The Makeover Guy could do for her.

Now her before and after looks are turning heads — and once you see her final look for yourself, you’ll want to take a trip to The Makeover Guy yourself! The difference is stunning!

Before jumping into Christopher’s salon chair, Cindy and her husband stopped by the confessional camera and shared how much this makeover meant to both of them. Of course, her husband was eager to see her new look.
Cindy, on the other hand, was much more interested in the actual process of the makeover and her desire to keep her look natural. After spilling their feelings to the camera lens, Cindy plopped down in Christopher’s chair and let him work his magic!

The very first thing Christopher’s team did was a lip and eyebrow wax. Next, he took his sheers and made a dramatic cut to Cindy’s hair!

As chunks of her hair fell in her lap, she began squealing! The look on her face is priceless!

The then showed her how to apply makeup properly based upon her skin tone and facial features. Cindy watched intently so she could recreate this look at home.

By the time they were done, Cindy looked decades younger! Take a peek at Cindy’s incredible transformation for yourself in the «clip» below.

Christopher was able to keep her look natural while also giving her a touch of personal flair. We wish Cindy nothing but the best in the future!