15 photos that prove huskies are too majestic for this world

There’s no question that Siberian Huskies are one of the most gorgeous dog breeds on the planet. Their thick coat comes in beautiful colors, and they often have bright blue or multi-colored eyes. Not only is this wolf-like dog absolutely stunning, but they are intelligent, affectionate, and friendly dogs.

First bred and raised as sled dogs, Huskies are becoming more and more popular as pets due to their striking features.

It’s easy to fall in love with a Siberian Husky at first sight, but it’s important for dog owners to realize that they are a very high energy breed that isn’t particularly easy to train. They are, however, great with other dogs and children.

These 15 photos are proof that Siberian Huskies are arguably the most regal breed on Earth.

It’s hard to find a more breathtakingly beautiful dog out there.

1. Some have red fur while others have black.

2. Their eyes feel like they’re staring into your soul.

3. They can’t help but look like they belong to a royal family.

4. They are always up for a snuggle session.

5. Huskies are always up for adventure.

6. Their sweet, gentle side is the absolute best.

7. The moment you lay eyes on a Husky Puppy, all power is surrendered to them.

8. Huskies have a silly, goofy side too.

9. This unique breed just gets sweeter as they age.

10. If they’re in the snow, they’re in their happy place.

11. A Husky will always be the perfect road trip partner.

12. Seriously, though. These dogs are undeniably stunning.

13. Like most dogs, Huskies are caring, loving, and extremely loyal.

14. Intriguing. Majestic. Incredible. Huskies are fascinating canines.

15. And, of course, one more puppy picture for good measure.



Man senses someone watching him — and finds the cutest spies

For the 13 years Charlie Weiss lived in his home in Winterville, North Carolina, he never paid any attention to his neighbors beyond a casual “hello” every now and then.

A year ago when a new woman and her dog moved in next door, Weiss assumed he would continue to keep to himself.

Then, one day, Weiss was out on his porch, and he got the feeling that someone was watching him.

He scanned the yard, but everything seemed normal. Then he looked down, and spotted a furry spy.

His new neighbor’s German shepherd mix had found a small gap between the dirt and the fence, and decided to make good use of it.

While Weiss rarely ran into his new human neighbor, her dog became a frequent presence.

Soon, every time Weiss would step outside, he’d be met by a curious snout sticking out from under the fence.

Just as Weiss was getting used to the ever-present snooping, he was met with another surprise when his neighbor adopted a second dog. But the pit bull mix needed a little time to get used to having neighbors.

“My deck looks over the fence, and when he first noticed me he would run up to the fence and bark at me,” Weiss told The Dodo. “I figured he was probably just a little stressed from being in a new environment.”

“I would always say ‘hey’ to them and be friendly to them though, because I figured they’d settle down once they got used to me,” Weiss said. “As you can tell, they eventually did.”

As time went on, both dogs became very nosy neighbors, eager to see Weiss every time they heard his front door open.

“The German shepherd loves affection. She always lays by the fence, sticks her snout under it and whimpers until I pet her,” Weiss said. “The pit usually doesn’t want to be pet, but he’s pretty funny because he’ll lick the fence and look at me through it the whole time I’m there.”

Then one day Weiss stepped outside and instead of a familiar snout, he was greeted by the big brown eyes of a third dog — a smiling black and white puppy.

The puppy had expanded the hole made by his dog siblings with one goal in mind — to break into Weiss’ yard.

As small as the puppy was, he still couldn’t quite fit, but his struggle made for an excellent photo op.

“They haven’t made it into my yard yet, but the puppy really tried,” Weiss said. “It was pretty comical to watch. He was on a mission to get into my yard, but he just couldn’t squeeze through.”

Though it was startling at first, Weiss has since gotten used to having a close relationship with his three furry neighbors.

«I joke with a friend that one day I’m gonna show my neighbor those pictures and tell her, ‘Look, you had a good run, but they’ve made their decision. They’re mine now,'» Weiss said.

“A lot of times I don’t even realize they’re there,” Weiss added. “I just turn around and there’s a snout sticking out from under the fence.”

And he wouldn’t have it any other way.


Pit Bull tied to ‘No dogs’ sign with the saddest note

On a popular walking trail in Folly Beach, South Carolina, a young dog panted in the sun.

The dog wasn’t there for a hike with his owner. He had been abandoned, tied to a sign by a short leash. In bold yellow letters, the sign ironically stated, “No Dogs.”

Taped to the metal sign, a handwritten note pleaded for someone to take the dog home. “Hello! I’m Zanny,” the note read. “My owners could not keep me. I’m very friendly. I DON’T bite and I just need a home.”

When Tanya Niketas and her son, Phin, spotted the black and white pit bull mix on the way to Lighthouse Inlet on Folly Beach, their relaxing day took a turn.

Niketas knew the defenseless dog, seemingly abandoned in a hurry, needed someone to help him get to safety. So she immediately contacted local rescue organization Pet Helpers.

“He had no water,” Niketas wrote on Facebook, “only the roll of tape they used to put up the ‘He needs a new home’ sign.”

While waiting for the rescue workers to arrive, Niketas was amazed by the stranded dog’s good manners. “He’s such a beautiful, cool dog and is SOOOOOO sweet,” Niketas wrote in her post. “[He] was super gentle with Phin, sat for us like a good boy, and has the whitest teeth I’ve ever seen!”

Though the note introduced the dog as Zanny, rescue workers gave him the nickname Folly, after the place where he was found, and the name stuck. A veterinary exam at the rescue revealed that, other than a rash on his stomach, Folly was in relatively good shape.

“Folly is a muscular boy whose tails wags nonstop,” Carrie Browning-Perez, marketing manager for Pet Helpers, told The Dodo. “It’s obvious he didn’t miss many meals.”

It was clear that the dog had been well taken care of at one point in his life, but if Niketas hadn’t come along when she did, things might have turned out differently.

“It was extremely hot on the day he was abandoned,” Browning-Perez said. “Just a matter of another hour or so could have greatly changed the outcome.”

Rescue workers have been impressed by the young dog’s positive outlook and energetic personality. Even rounds of vaccinations, deworming, microchipping and neutering haven’t slowed the playful boy down.

“Folly is a big lovable goofball who is an amazing boy full of life and energy,” Browning-Perez said. “He loves every human he meets and enjoys going for walks, giving big slobbery kisses and cuddling with people.”

Once Folly has healed from his neutering, he will be ready for adoption. The shelter is already taking names of interested families, and are hoping to place him in his forever home in a week or two.

“He would love an active family who will take him on walks, to the park, for rides and, of course, a home where he can snuggle with his new family at night while watching TV or reading a good book,” Browning-Perez added.

After all Folly has been through, he deserves a place where he will be loved and cared for — and where dogs are always allowed.


Little boy goes to shelter and adopts the oldest dog there

Back in November of 2017, Shey’s family surrendered him to the folks at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. The miniature poodle’s family was moving. And they weren’t taking him along. He was 14 years old.Upon vetting him, folks at the shelter discovered that Shey was suffering from dental disease; he had just one tooth that hadn’t succumbed to rot. He also needed to be neutered. He got the medical care he needed, but seniors often languish in shelter situations. Shey was all but toothless, deaf and half-blind.“There wasn’t exactly a line out the door of adopters waiting to meet him” wrote the folks at the Dodo.But then Tristan showed up.Tristan wasn’t bothered by any of the things that made Shey a less-than-attractive prospect for potential adopters. He and his mom were looking for a small dog who loved cuddles. The staff put them together and made a perfect match.

Adopters weren’t lining up for poor Shey, whose age and special needs were daunting to most. Photo: Animal Rescue League of Iowa
“Shey is super sweet and wants to be near people all the time,” Jessica Jorgenson, digital content coordinator for the rescue, told The Dodo.When Shey was placed into Tristan’s lap, those on hand to see it said his face just lit up with joy! Shey, too, felt safe in the boy’s loving arms. The adoption staff sat Tristan down and carefully explained all of Shey’s special needs. He listened just as carefully.“He understood that Shey couldn’t hear what was going on and might not be able to see things clearly, so he was very slow with his actions,” Jorgenson said. “He was just very respectful of what Shey could and couldn’t handle.”Tristan even pulled out his phone during the meeting to take notes about what to bring to the vet for future vaccinations! He told the staff that he had a special place in his room set up for their new family member.

It was love at first cuddle! Photo: Animal Rescue League of Iowa
“He was so mindful of Shey’s special needs,” Jorgenson added. “Tristan is very mature for his age and asked a ton of questions.”Seeing how ready for a dog the young boy was, it was a no-brainer — and the fact that he was so responsible about adopting a senior dog was just another plus.Despite the special place in Tristan’s room, Shey’s new favorite place is in Tristan’s arms!Although the old pupper spent a few sad months waiting for a new family, Tristan is helping make up for that lost time. And lots of lost snuggles.



Lucky Shelter pup becomes “K-9 for the day ”

Like every other rescue dog, Harvard is in search of a forever home, but after taking part in the Greenville Police Department‘s new “K9 for the Day” program, perhaps he’s one step closer!

Harvard is the program’s inaugural dog. He lives, for now, with the folks at the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina. The program helps get these dogs out of the shelter for fun and stimulation all while promoting pet adoption in the community. He is a new ambassador.

It was all by accident, too.

Another dog, Heidi, was all set to be the first dog in the program, but a minor mishap postponed the 1-year-old Staffie mix’s debut. She’s just fine, but, “being the goofy girl she is,” HSEC staffers told the News Observer, she tried to eat a bee on what was to be her big day out.

And so Harvard, another 1-year-old Staffie mix, went in her place.

“This gentleman is such a handsome, loving boy,” the Humane Society wrote of Harvard on its website. “He gets the zoomies and runs around our play yard and then runs back quickly to get snuggles.

”The police department reported on Harvard’s day out on Facebook. He and the officers went to the Town Common, visited Police Chief Mark Holtzman (where the pup earned an honorary badge), said hellos to city public works crews and more. Harvard also enjoyed lots of belly rubs and a nap in the police cruiser.

The social media posts racked up the interactions and it proved to be a wonderful first outing for the new HSEC-PD partnership.

“We were so sad to drop him back off,” the police department wrote on Facebook. “But we know he will find his forever home! Could it be with you?! Harvard and many other wonderful dogs and cats are up for adoption at the Humane Society this weekend! Adoption hours are Friday-Sunday 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.”
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Attention Wiener dog fans—there’s now a museum dedicated entirely to dachshunds

Attention, wiener dog enthusiasts: Some doxie-loving folks in Germany have just opened a dachshund museum for everyone who is a fan of sausage dogs. The Dackelmuseum is located in the Bavarian city of Passau, close to the borders of Austria and the Czech Republic.

Dachshunds Have A Hunter’s History

Dachshunds were first bred in 17th century Germany by hunters who wanted to create a breed that could reach down into badger burrows. The breed so popular that a dachshund named Waldi became the symbol of the 1972 Munich Olympics.

The Dackelmusuem opened on April 2 and has over 4,500 different doxie items on display, including stamps, art, toys, glass figurines, calendars, puppets, musical instruments and much more. Sounds like heaven for dachshund lovers!


‘The World Needs A Sausage Dog Museum’

The Dackelmusuem is a pet project (no pun intended) of Josef Küblbeck and Oliver Storz. According to the BBC, the men are former florists who have been collecting dachshund memorabilia for over 25 years. The pair are owners of two dachshunds themselves, Seppi and Moni.

“The world needs a sausage dog museum,” Küblbeck told the BBC. “No other dog in the world enjoys the same kind of recognition or popularity as the symbol of Bavaria, the sausage dog.”

We could not agree more!


Dachshunds Among Top Dog Breeds

Wiener dogs are one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world; they also rank number 13 on the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dog breeds. Celebrities like Adele, Ashley Olsen, Clint Eastwood and Christian Slater are known fans of the breed. And everyone loves a wiener dog parade, right?

Animal Rescue Centres Feel The Strain After Christmas Pets Are Abandoned
Getty Images | Christopher Furlong
Some wiener dogs are famous in their own right, such as Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund who has been featured on “Ellen” and has even penned (pawed?) a New York Times best-selling book.

Would you visit the Dackelmusuem in Germany? Or have you been there already?


19 pictures that will make you want to get a dog immediately

1. Can you really deny that this is one of the cutest pictures you’ve ever seen?

2. Seriously, this dog is one of the best dogs around.

So i’ve been taking photos for quite some time now but this

is quite possibly

3. Surely it makes you want to adopt a little pup of your own.

4. Who wouldn’t want to come home to their dog waiting patiently for them?

5. I mean, look at them.


7. Absolutely irresistible.

8. Is there anything cuter than an excited dog in a supermarket?

9. Is there anything more relatable than a bored dog on a treadmill?

10. If you had a dog, you too could abandon your family in order to put them in the front seat.

11. You could take fancy photos of your dog and turn them into a star.

12. You could even make your dog’s sweater match random objects you own.

13. In all honesty, we don’t even deserve dogs.

14. They’re way too good and pure for this world.

15. They’re incredible sports, even at the worst of times.

16. Which is why it’s so hard not to look at these adorable AF dogs and not think what if?

17. What if I had a dog who adorably mistook a painting for a window?

18. What if my dog somehow managed to get camouflaged in the snow, whilst also being the cutest thing on earth?

19. Admit it, you really want a dog now, don’t you?



Disappointed pooch expresses her opinion about the new household rules

This doggy knows that she is not allowed on the couch. However, she engages in long argument with owner, trying to get mercy and find a way to beat the system! As she hangs there all sad, with a pleading look and long face, we know that she listens carefully to what her owner has to say and we are clear that she understands everything.

She is conscious of her plight, but she exhibits perfect acting capabilities. She thinks that if she shows them puppy eyes and cries a little, she will be able to enjoy the couch to the fullest. However, not this time! Owner didn’t fall for her cuteness!

Her owner is more persistent, and though you may have never seen more desperate dog, nobody can help her in her downcast low-spirited attempts to keep the couch for herself.

Wagging her tail, she finally shakes off the idea of winning the argument and gives up the couch stretching her body on the floor. After failing to prove her argument, the cute pooch had to come to terms with the new household rules and accept the fact that she cannot sleep on the new couch!


Tiny dog goes to store and get a huge new toy

Sometimes the smallest dogs have the biggest personalities. That’s definitely the case when it comes to Lucy the Yorkie.

In a video shared in March 2017, little Lucy goes to the store with her mom and dad. The tiny dog does her best to wait patiently for the cashier to ring up the Lamb Chop toy she’s picked out and for her dad to pay for it.

Lucy must be pretty well trained, because she holds off for a bit before she starts dancing around and jumping with excitement for her prize. I know my dog wouldn’t sit still for a minute waiting for a new toy!

Wearing her pink harness, Lucy is clearly mesmerized by her new stuffed lamb.

“She picked out the biggest one,” Mom notes.

As soon as Lucy’s dad drops the toy on the floor for her, it’s clear just how much bigger the toy is than little Lucy. But the little dog certainly isn’t intimidated by it!

Amazingly, Lucy manages to pick the toy up in her teeth and proudly marches it right out the automatic doors of the store. You can even hear the pet store employees saying “Awww!” in the background at the adorable sight.

Though she has a little bit of trouble, Lucy manages to carry the stuffed lamb all the way to the car as her mom encourages her all the while.

Check out the adorable video below, and don’t forget to Rasplove Lucy’s cuteness on Facebook!


Chris Evans shares the sweet first moment he met his dog

Chris Evans urged people to adopt rescue dogs as he shared the first time he met his pet, Dodger.

The Hollywood star used National Pet Day to encourage adoption with the footage.

The video shows Dodger wagging his tail before attempting to get through the bars with Evans saying he “knew right away” the dog was coming home with him.

He wrote on Twitter: “This is the moment we met. He was trying so hard to stay seated even though he desperately wanted to get out.

“I knew right away that he was coming home with me, so I took this video to always remember our first hello. Rescue dogs are the best dogs!!”

Evans had visited the shelter as part of filming for his 2017 film Gifted and has previously said he “saw this one dude and he didn’t belong here”.

“They aged him at about one, he acts like a puppy, he’s got the energy of a puppy, he’s just such a sweetheart, he’s such a good boy. He loves dogs, he loves kids, he’s full of love,” he told People last April.

In September he shared footage of him wrestling with Dodger on the floor when they were reunited after 10 weeks.