New Giant Mattress Is 12 Feet Across, Perfect for All the Pets

I sleep with my pets.
Let’s just get that clear right off the bat, since I know some pet owners are really against sleeping with their animals. Many think it’s unsanitary and often don’t get a rested sleep when pets are allowed on the bed. Granted, I barely move from my sliver on the edge of the mattress so as to not kick off the cat at my feet, or disrupt the 80-pound dog sprawled behind my knees, but I like having them there, keeping me warm. Plus, new studies suggest sleeping with pets actually makes for a better night’s sleep.

We have a California king size bed, which is six feet wide. Once we upgraded to that bed from a queen we felt like we had a lot more room to sleep comfortably. Until now.

The Ace Collection is a bed company that has manufactured a giant mattress and bed frame that spans 12 feet across. The Ace family size mattress was made when a client wanted a bed big enough for her children to cuddle in while reading a bedtime story. But all I see is more space for pets…

The Ace mattress comes in three giant sizes: the Ace Size, Ace Player Size, and the Ace Family Size with prices ranging from $2,250-$4, 054 depending on size and firmness. They also sell hypoallergenic 200-250 thread count bedding, from flat sheets to pillow cases to duvets, in order to fit their extra-wide beds.

While the bed is getting attention because of the family co-sleeping debate (“There’s no way to keep the sleep environment safe in an adult bed,” says Dr. Eve Colson via WebMD), this could be the perfect solution to the pet owner who has multiple fur babies but needs more sleeping space.

Lots of pet owners are like me and love sleeping with their furry friends. Here are some people on Instagram who might rejoice in having a giant bed.


Ever seen stars on a barn? Here’s what those mean

When driving through the countryside, you might notice large five-point stars adorning the sides of many barns. Although these barn stars may look like decoration, they actually have a larger significance.

Barn stars, as they’re known, are common in farming settlements with German heritage and they’re believed to bring good luck.

Like the superstition of hanging a horseshoe on a barn, barn stars began as a attempt to ward off evil. German settlers sometimes painted elaborate star images on their barns that eventually came to be known as “hex signs.” The term was derived from the word “hexe,” which means “witch” in German. The original paintings resembled Amish quilt squares more so than what we classically think of as a star.

In the 1930s and 40s, the trend changed from being painted on the barn to being pieces of art that farmers could purchase and hang. Artists made them with roofing tiles, which is what gives them their rough appearance.

The color of the barn star is also significant. Each color had a different meaning. For example, black and blue both mean protection. Green signifies fertility and a hope for growth on the farm. White stands for purity, and violet was considered holy. Brown means friendship and strength and pays homage to Mother Earth.


That gigantic 30-bedroom, 30-bathroom house in texas is still up for sale

UPDATE: This property is in the process of being turned into a veterans care facility. Click here for the update on this story.

A house of epic proportions is on the market in Texas for a cool $3.6 million.

Located in Manvel, Texas, the house comes with 30 bedrooms, 30 full bathrooms, a nine-car garage, 60,000 square feet of interior space and 15-acres of property.


Additional features include a gunite swimming pool and spa, a jacuzzi, an elevator and more living space than any family would ever need.

According to the realtor page, the house is just a shell. Construction of the interior was never completed.

So what could you use this shell of a house for? The real estate company mentions it would be great for an assisted living care facility.

The first two idea that come to mind for me are 1) a fortress against impending zombie apocalypse and 2) the most epic and expensive game of hide and seek ever.

View the property listing here.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated the house had 46 bedrooms and 26 bathrooms.


This basement was transformed into an indoor drive-in movie theater

Drive-in movie theaters are pretty much a thing of the past, with very few around and still surviving. But this creative Charlotte, N.C. mom gave new life to the concept of drive-in movie theaters when she built one in the basement of her own home.

Designed by homeowner Tracie Stier-Johnson and Travis Hite of Weber Design Group, this space lets you sink into leather recliners while watching your favorite flick. The reclaimed wood walls make you feel like you’re inside a barn. But the shaggy green carpet and the rural horse mural give the basement an outdoorsy vibe.

“I wanted the space to feel like it was in a barn, but also like we were outside at a drive-in,” Stier-Johnson told Houzz. “The mural looks like the view you’d see from a barn and keeps the room from feeling like a closed-in theater.”

But the real star of the show is the turquoise Chevy pickup replica. No drive-in movie experience would be complete without a truck bed full of pillows and blankets. Moviegoers can drop down the tailgate, snuggle up in the blankets and gaze up at the starry patio lights overhead.

Another must-have barn detail Stier-Johnson incorporated in the design is the hayloft.

But what drive-in theater would be complete without a concession stand? The theater features a fully-stocked snack bar, a vintage Coca-Cola machine, plus a barrel that houses a custom popcorn machine.

Perched on a lake just outside of Charlotte, N.C., the rest of the house is equally luxurious.

The exquisite master suite features wrap-around windows overlooking a lake.

The elaborate kitchen effortlessly blends high-end class with rustic charm.

There’s even a spiral staircase winding through the house.

But if you’d rather not take the stairs, there’s also a slide to shoot you from one floor to the next.

You can find out more about this unique property here.