Meet iriss and abyss- two «eye-catching» sisters from Russia

Humans are quick to judge based on appearances. But differences are what make us unique! Take, for instance, these eye-catching twin kitties from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Iriss and Abyss are two gorgeously eye-catching cats who live with their owner Pavel Kasianov in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Thirty-one-year-old Kasianov discovered an advertisement for the kitties while he was cruising the computer online.

“I was blown away by their appearance and the fact that they’re twin sisters,” he said in an interview with Bancroft Animals.

The moment Kasianov laid his eyes on the twins’ beautiful set of peepers, he knew he had to give them a home.

Iriss and Abyss have a rare genetic condition called heterochromia which affects the levels of melanin in both of their eyes. Because melanin controls coloring in human and animals, the different levels in each cat’s eyeballs result in a stunningly “eye-catching” effect.

“It’s not a defect, it’s just a genetic lottery,” Kasianov said. “Because their parents are domestic cats. Their father is a black and white cat, and the mother is a white cat.”

Heterochromia can be associated with conditions like blindness and deafness, but fluffy twins Iriss and Abyss are 100% fine.

“They hear and see perfectly well,” their owner explained. He also jokes that they have no trouble hearing a can of food being opened from across the house.

Although Iriss and Abyss give the impression of importance and regality, “My cats are not spoilt,” Kasianov told the Daily Mail UK. He does admit that you do have to curry their favor before they warm up to you, however.

On a typical day, the twins spend their time adventuring around their home and making sure everything is to their liking.

“They wake up as I wake up, have breakfast and then investigate the house.”

“They investigate birds behind the window, each other and stuff like phone chargers, chewing gum, or any other small things left around the house.

Although the twins may look alike, Kasianov assures us they have very different personalities. In an interview with Barcroft Animals, he says Iriss is very easygoing, while Abyss is a much more stubborn and “will communicate with you only when she wants.”

Although these cats may not look like the others, it’s their differences that make them special.

Just ask their Instagram followers— 176,000 people can’t be wrong!

Hear their story below!


Try this 3-cheese homemade mac and cheese recipe

There’s nothing quite as delicious as homemade mac and cheese done the right way. Whenever it was mac and cheese day in the school cafeteria, everyone I knew lost their minds. Similarly, everyone in my family was beside themselves whenever mom would make a big tray of baked mac and cheese with the crust on top. We all have our own approach to making this dish, one which is perhaps the ultimate comfort food meal. Still, have you ever tried bringing your crock pot into the process?

If you haven’t we have the perfect recipe for you. Today, we’re taking on a triple cheese mac and cheese dish that you can make in a slow cooker. Like most slow cooker recipes, this one is very easy to make and results in a rich and creamy meal the family will love.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 pound of uncooked cavatappi pasta
  • 4 tablespoon of unsalted butter, sliced into tablespoon pieces
  • 4 ounces of cream cheese cut into chunks
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • 3 cups of whole milk
  • 1/2 cup of heavy cream
  • 2 cups of sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 1 cup of pepper jack cheese, shredded

Here’s what you do:

1. First, throw your uncooked pasta into the bottom of the slow cooker. Throw your butter and cream cheese chunks over the pasta as well and sprinkle the entire thing with salt and cayenne pepper. Finally, pour in your milk and cream and stir everything up so that it’s evenly combined.

2. Once it’s all mixed together, cover it and cook on low for one to two hours (start with an hour before increasing the time). Open the pot about everything up again and make sure to smooth out the top layer when you’re done. When the time is up, check the pasta—you want it to be slightly on the chewy and more on the al dente side than not.

3. Once the pasta is ready, throw your shredded cheese on top of everything and cook it again for another 10 minutes. Once that’s done, everything should be melted together and delicious and you’ll be ready to eat!

Once again, this slow cooker recipe is one of the simplest ones possible with only three steps. There’s no need to cook the pasta beforehand and the end result is cheesy and delicious. Above all, feel free to twist this recipe a little to suit your needs. Throw in some onions if you want or mix up the cheeses you use! No matter what you do, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.


15 photos that prove huskies are too majestic for this world

There’s no question that Siberian Huskies are one of the most gorgeous dog breeds on the planet. Their thick coat comes in beautiful colors, and they often have bright blue or multi-colored eyes. Not only is this wolf-like dog absolutely stunning, but they are intelligent, affectionate, and friendly dogs.

First bred and raised as sled dogs, Huskies are becoming more and more popular as pets due to their striking features.

It’s easy to fall in love with a Siberian Husky at first sight, but it’s important for dog owners to realize that they are a very high energy breed that isn’t particularly easy to train. They are, however, great with other dogs and children.

These 15 photos are proof that Siberian Huskies are arguably the most regal breed on Earth.

It’s hard to find a more breathtakingly beautiful dog out there.

1. Some have red fur while others have black.

2. Their eyes feel like they’re staring into your soul.

3. They can’t help but look like they belong to a royal family.

4. They are always up for a snuggle session.

5. Huskies are always up for adventure.

6. Their sweet, gentle side is the absolute best.

7. The moment you lay eyes on a Husky Puppy, all power is surrendered to them.

8. Huskies have a silly, goofy side too.

9. This unique breed just gets sweeter as they age.

10. If they’re in the snow, they’re in their happy place.

11. A Husky will always be the perfect road trip partner.

12. Seriously, though. These dogs are undeniably stunning.

13. Like most dogs, Huskies are caring, loving, and extremely loyal.

14. Intriguing. Majestic. Incredible. Huskies are fascinating canines.

15. And, of course, one more puppy picture for good measure.



Zoo kills 9 healthy lion cubs because it doesn’t have space for them

A zoo in Sweden called Borås Djurpark has come under fire for their decision to euthanize healthy lion cubs because they didn’t have space for them.

Borås Djurpark first made headlines for killing “surplus” lion cubs back in 2013. In 2012, one of their lions gave birth to four healthy cubs: Simba, Nala, Sarabi, and Rafaki. Sadly, by fall 2013, all four cubs had been euthanized by the zoo.

In 2014, the same scenario happened again. One of the zoo’s female lions gave

birth to three cubs that were all in excellent health: Kiara, Banzai, and Kovu. A year later, all three cubs had been euthanized.

In August 2016, four more cubs were born at Borås Djurpark: Potter, Dolores, Granger, and Weasley.
Granger and Dolores were sent to a zoo in England, where they’re happily growing up into adult lions. But sadly, Potter and Weasley weren’t as lucky. The zoo euthanized these two cubs in January 2018.

Altogether, Borås Djurpark has euthanized nine healthy cubs, which has sparked outcry in the animal welfare community. In Defense of Animal’s communication director, Fleur Dawes, told The Dodo:

“We are sickened by the horrifying and unjustifiable murder of nine healthy lion cubs by Borås Zoo in Sweden. Zoos regularly breed baby animals to draw in crowds, then zoothanize [euthanize ‘surplus’ animals] them when they become less profitable. Zoothanasia is a rampant, cancerous practice that betrays intelligent, conscious individuals for money.”

A spokesperson for Borås Djurpark released a statement to The Dodo explaining that they followed the EAZA’s Code of Ethics when euthanizing the cubs. But the statement doesn’t explain why they bred the lion cubs in the first place:

“We follow EAZA’s Code of Ethics and the Culling Statement, which are also reflected in the WAZA policy for the same issue. The euthanasia takes place at a biologically relevant junction, such as weaning, leaving the family unit or any other social group. We are very transparent about this concept, both in our communication with our visiting guests and students, as well as in our communication with the media.”

This story is sadly all-too-common. There are many zoos throughout the world that euthanize animals when they stop being cute babies who can draw in visitors. Hopefully, Borås Djurpark will take the public outcry to heart and stop breeding lion cubs when they don’t have space for them.


Stop frying bacon. Master chef shares best way to cook it so it’s perfectly crispy, every time

When it comes to cooking, bacon is an art form. It takes time and discipline to cook a piece just right. Not only that, but if you love bacon, chances are everyone else in your house does, too. Is there really such a thing as cooking up a few slices of bacon? When the other members of your household smell it, you will be cooking more and more. Why not just skip a step and cook more of it in the beginning?

Frying bacon in a pan can be a long and difficult process. It also might not be the most rewarding endeavor. After all, most skillets are hardly big enough to lay several long strips of bacon out flat. The result is folded-over bacon that does not cook evenly all the way down the piece. This can all be quite frustrating, but fear not: there is an easier way.

Bake your bacon! This solution is so simple, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before. An oven dish can be much more spacious than a stovetop skillet can, so you’ll have more space for your bacon to lay out flat. This way, there will be no bubbles or folds in your crispy strip.

Another advantage to oven-baked bacon is the fact that the heat is spread evenly throughout the area. According to Adam Sappington, “the bacon cooks more evenly without the hot spots which can occur in a skillet.” This means that the entire strip will be flat and crispy.

Adam and his wife, Jackie, are co-owners of The Country Cat restaurant and co-authors of Heartlandia: Heritage Recipes from Portland’s The Country Cat. They are both chefs in the restaurant, so they are familiar with having to cook bacon in bulk.

For Adam, the flavorings are what make the biggest difference. He is weary of ingredients like corn syrup and liquid smoke because they affect the flavor and quality of the product. Instead, Adam prefers bacon that has been cured with salt, sugar, and spice. In his opinion, the bacon tastes best when it has been cured for at least five days.

In order to make the bacon, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Next, selecting a baking dish with edges on all sides. Line the flat surface with parchment paper to keep the bacon from sticking to the dish. Lay each strip down longways. It might be touching the other pieces, depending on how much bacon you are cooking, but the pieces of bacon should not overlap. This will prevent them from cooking properly.

The next step is the baking. You can make it as crisp as you want. Jessie Kissinger explains that “for bacon that is set and partially crisp, but not too crisp, [it should be cooked for] approximately 7 minutes.” How crunchy you make it is all up to you.

Bacon is delicious, and cooking it doesn’t have to be difficult. Use a baking dish, and you will be on your way to the perfect strip of goodness.


15 ways to upcycle dressers

Waste not, want not. If you never waste anything, then you’ll never want for anything. Well, in the age of DIY there is no excuse for wasting a single thing. You can repurpose, upcycle, and recreate just about everything in your home into something brand new.

So following that old motto is easier than ever. Furniture is one of the easier things to upcycle. We’ve all found ways to use our old dressers, but many of those projects involved taking out the drawers.

But what about those leftover drawers?
Well, there are lots of ways that you can reuse your old drawers too and turn them into amazing focal pieces, art, and functional pieces that will add organization to your home.

Here are 15 ways to reuse old drawers:

1) Standing Bookcase

Stand your drawer up and place it against the wall as a standing bookcase.

2) Mudroom Organizer

Mount two drawers on your wall and put hooks inside one of them to hang your keys. Use the other one to store your shoes and boots.

3) Mirror

Need to a mirror so you can check yourself out? Glue a mirror to the inside of your drawer and hand your drawer at face height so you can check yourself out.

4) Cork Board

Glue a cork board matt to the back of your drawer and hang your draw to create a hanging cork board.

5) Pet Bed

Just put some blankets or a pillow in your drawer to turn it into a pet bed.

6) Tall Bookcase

Stack them from end to end to make a tall bookcase.

7) Pop Out Hanging Shelves

Mount them to your walls in a vertical pull out position so that you can plop things right into them for storage.

8) Wash Room Storage

Hang a drawer on your wall above your washing machine so you have a place to store your detergent, bleach, and stain remover.

9) Jewelry Organizer

Put some pretty contact paper on the inside of your drawer and toss in a few hooks at the top of your drawer and a few bowls on the bottom. This creates a super inexpensive but chic looking jewelry organizer.

10) Doll House

Paint some scenery onto your drawer, like doors and windows and trees. Place a divider on the inside of the drawer so that the “house” has two levels. You can glue two drawers back to back to create one big doll house. Get the details here.

11) Cat Perch

Bolt some drawers to some posts in different directions and use it as a custom designed cat perch to fit your space.

12) Rolling Drawers

Pop some caster onto the bottom of your drawer to create under the bed storage with these rolling drawers.

13) Leftover Station

Hang some dowels on the inside of your drawers and use them to hang your wax paper, plastic wrap, tin foil, paper towels, napkins, zip lock bags, and rubber bands.

14) Planters

Place a drawer on top of an old table and turn it into a cool porch planter.

15) Clothes Hangers

Hang the face of your drawer on your walls or the back of a door and use the drawer’s knobs to hang your clothes on.


10 ways to use vinegar for ultra clean laundry

If you go down the laundry detergent aisle at your local grocery store, you’ll no doubt find loads of different things that claim they can make your laundry fresher or get rid of all your tough stains.

They also cost a lot of money.

So why buy tons of different things with all kinds of chemicals in them when you can buy just one all natural ingredient for most of your laundry needs. White vinegar can work wonders on in laundry.

Here are 10 ways you can use white vinegar for the freshest laundry possible:

1) Disinfect Your Washing Machine

Neglecting to clean your washing machine can cause soap scum and mineral deposits to build up. This can leave a residue on your clothing and even restrict water flow and affect your machine’s performance. So, you’ll want to make sure you’re cleaning your machine properly about four times per year. Pour two cups of white distilled vinegar into your machine and run an empty cycle with hot water.

2) Make Your Clothes Pop

Use 1/2 cup of vinegar to the final rinse cycle to make your colors brighter. The acetic acid in vinegar also helps to whiten up whites that are greying.

3) Banish Smokey Scents

If your clothes stink of smoke, try adding about 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar to your wash cycle to get rid of the smokey smell.

4) Get Rid of Mildew Smells

Damp items like bath towels or gym clothes can start stinking once they are left in the hamper. Your washing machine can also grow mildew if you leave wet laundry in it. Rid your laundry of this smell by pouring two cups of white vinegar into your hot water wash cycle.

5) Darken Your Darks

Detergent residue can also leave your dark colors looking dull. Use 1/2 cup of vinegar in your final rinse cycle to get rid of that residue and make your dark colors look darker.

6) Soften Up Your Load

You can skip the chemicals and cost of fabric softener and use vinegar instead. White distilled vinegar softens fabrics naturally. Pour 1/2 cup into your final rinse cycle. You can add a few drops of essential oil, such as lavender, to make your laundry smell nice.

7) Fight Underarm Odor

Pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and spray the underarm area. Let it soak in for about 10 minutes. Put your garment in the wash. When it comes out those nasty yellow armpit stains and smells will be gone.

8) Deter Cling

Make pet hair less likely to stick to your clothing by pouring 1/2 cup of vinegar into the rinse cycle of your laundry. This will also get rid of excessive lint from things like towels.

9) Prevent Your Colors From Running

Use a small cup of vinegar in your washing machine with cold water to prevent bold colors from running in the washing machine.

10) Remove Grease Stains From Suede

You don’t have to panic if you spill some grease on your suede clothing and accessories. Dip a toothbrush in some vinegar and brush the stained area with vinegar. It should look good as new once it’s dry.


Nervous man walks up on the stage, brings judges to their feet when he starts to sing

There are plenty of talent shows that are being held each year, and there are always a few contestants that absolutely stand out compared to the rest. The 31-year-old Steve Barry from Kerry, Ireland who recently participated in Ireland’s Got Talent 2018 is most definitely one of them.

When Steve walked up on the stage, nobody expected that he would have such a pure, clear and amazingly powerful voice. He seemed a bit nervous before he started singing, something that clearly disappeared the moment he started performing.

The man was absolutely in his element and he knew it was his time to shine.

Steve, who has experience with musical theatre, chose a fantastic song to showcase his musical abilities, ‘Somewhere (There’s a Place for Us)’. The song which originated from the Broadway musical West Side Story from 1957 seems to be a perfect match with Steve’s crisp voice.

He managed to convince the audience the moment the first notes started hitting, but his performance also builds up over time which makes for a spectacle that has rarely been seen in talent shows like these.

When Steve sings the first and powerful chorus, the four judges are seen swaying hand in hand and admiring the contestant’s beautiful voice.

Suffice it to say, Steven’s rendition of ‘Somewhere’ definitely made a lasting impression. Even though the man was noticeably nervous at the beginning, he gathered enough courage at the end of the song to go visit the judges personally and give them an up and close performance, something they definitely seemed to enjoy.

Steve’s musical talent didn’t only steal the hearts of the judges, but the entire audience was in awe of his great voice as well. As you might expect, the man was met by an absolutely deafening applause and a standing ovation from everyone in the room – including the judges who were clearly excited.

“I wanted more and more. It was fantastic. I didn’t want it to end. What a voice. I can’t believe I overlooked you the first time. That was phenomenal,” judge Denise said.

It turns out that the man actually auditioned for a role in a West End musical, and Denise was one of the judges. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the cut then, but he was glad to be able to amaze her now instead. The man is no stranger to Louis Welsh as well, as he previously appeared on The X Factor.

Naturally, all of the judges praised Steve and he went home with four convincing yesses.

You could definitely say that Steve is a musical star in the making, and he is adored by everyone not only because of his talent but because of fantastic stage presence and his down-to-earth personality as well.

He’s clearly passionate about singing and we can’t wait to see and hear what this man has got in store later on in the competition.

Steve’s audition on Ireland’s Got Talent hasn’t gone unnoticed on the internet as well, as his performance is getting hundreds of thousands of views online.

“Wow… this guy is awesome. He looks about 17 or so but he is just so relaxed the sound just flows from him so effortlessly. Beautiful,” Kathleen Martin wrote.

One of the comments even revealed that Steve isn’t a stranger to giving performances at public places, such as London’s train station.

“Magnificent! Saw you in a London train station and stopped to listen… Absolutely fab… Best of luck at IGT… We’ll be voting for you… Hope you win…” posted Maria Bryne.

Check out Steve’s amazing audition below!


Artist transforms old farm equipment into incredible sculptures like none you’ve seen

Recreating the wild wild west out of discarded farm equipment, South Dakota-based artist John Lopez’s amazing metal sculptures will blow your mind! Check them out below:

Eco-friendly and full of personality, these welded figures perfectly capture the iconography of the American West — a bison, a horse with a plow, a Texas Longhorn — a past reconfigured out of recycled materials.

Lopez began his career as a bronze sculptor, but realized the versatility of scrap metal when he forged a family grave for his deceased aunt. It creates a unique aesthetic, a kind of mishmash punk sensibility in his beautiful and imposing artwork.

It pays respect to the past while also playing with the idea of renewing and reconfiguring familiar imagery into something completely different. Where have you seen a cowboy riding a dinosaur before?

“My favorite part about these pieces is the texture,” explains Lopez. “I just start grabbin’ stuff from the pile and welding it, in and if you weld enough of the same thing on over and over it creates this really cool texture that I’ve never seen in these kinds of pieces before. And I think that’s what draws people in.”

Blurring the line between organic, artificial, and symbol, Lopez’s art is sure to leave an impact! It’s striking how well they blend into the Midwestern scenery.

What did you think of these fantastic sculptures? Let us know in the comments below!

Photographer visits lost mongolian tribe, captures stunning photos of their life and culture

Human civilization has come a long way since the early days of our species. Rising out of caves and undeveloped lands, humans have built cities and homes that the early generations could never have imagined.

The widespread growth of globalization has made it harder for historic cultures to be preserved. This is what makes the Dukha people of Mongolia so fascinating and amazing. The nomadic tribe has lived in the same region for centuries. During that time, they developed a special relationship with the wild animals. In fact, this relationship is so amazing it will leave you in awe.

Fortunately for us, photographer Hamid Sardar-Afkhami recently visited this lost tribe and documented what he saw through a series of stunning photographs.

Through their unique culture, the Dukha people have developed a unique relationship with neighboring reindeer. They use them as means of transportation over the treacherous terrain they call home.

Children are taught how to train a reindeer at an early age.

The reindeer are docile and gentle companions, even to the smallest of Dukha children.

This young girl prepares to clean and bathe a reindeer baby.

The Dukha are also known as the “Tsaatan,” a term that means “reindeer herder.”

These days, there are only roughly 44 Dukha families left. This totals 200-400 people. The reindeer population is diminishing as well.

The Dukha primarily survive off of the tourist industry. People visit and pay money for performances, crafts, and of course, reindeer rides.

They don’t just train reindeer. They also train wolves!

The Dukha hunt small woodland animals like rabbits. This earns them about two US dollars.

The Dukha also train golden eagles to aid in their hunting.

Eagle hunting is considered a privilege. Those who are able to do it are well respected by the tribe.

The Dukha believe they have a spiritual connection with all animals.

The connection allows them to feel at home in nature and to maintain their culture despite the growing influence of the outside world.

It’s breathtaking to see the Dukha tribe and their relationship with the natural world. The way they’ve preserved their way of life is just incredible.